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Tragic Demise of Miss Universe Hopeful Sienna Weir at 23, Following a Fatal Horseback Riding Mishap

Sienna Weir Boyfriend
Outlook India

Sienna Weir was an aspiring Australian model. She got well recognition as a finalist in the 2022 Miss Universe pageant.

Sienna Weir has recently died at the age of 23. Sienna Weir’s cause of death is a devastating horse riding accident.

According to a New York Post, model Sienna Weir’s accident happened last month in her native Australia. Sienna went horseback riding at the Windsor Polo Grounds on April 2.

While riding, his horse suddenly fell and Sienna suffered severe injuries along with the horse, due to which Sienna was kept on agar support for many days.

It was weeks after Sienna’s family made the difficult decision to take Sienna Weir off life support on Friday, 04 May 2023, according to

The news of Sienna Weir’s death was given by her family and Her modeling agency Scoop Management.

Sienna Weir’s modeling agency Scoop Management shared several photos of Sienna on Instagram with the caption, “Forever in our hearts.”

Sienna Weir made it to the 27 finalists in the 2022 Australian Miss Universe pageant.

Sienna Weir holds a dual degree in Psychology and English Literature from the University of Sydney.

Sienna Weir With Boyfriend Tom Bull

Daily Telegraph

Sienna Weir was in a relationship. Sienna Weir had a boyfriend. Sienna Weir boyfriend’s name was Tom Bull.

Tom Bull pays tribute to Sienna Weir after her death. Tom Bull is deeply saddened by the death of his girlfriend, Sienna Weir.

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