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Nante Niemi: 8-year-old boy goes missing on a camping

Nante Niemi: 8-year-old boy goes missing on a camping

On Saturday afternoon, Nante Niemi vanished while camping with his family in the western Upper Peninsula’s Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park.

Who was Nante Niemi?

The boy attends school in Hurley, Wisconsin’s Hurley School District. According to a Facebook updated news on the Porcupine Hills Wildlife State Park (“the Porkies”) page on the social networking site, “dozens of agencies from across the UP and Wisconsin” participated in the search on Sunday morning.

They are working hard and require time and attention because the terrain is so difficult, according to Buerger.

The Hurley School District said they were receiving calls from people who wanted to assist in the boy’s disappearance.

According to the tweet from the school community, they were “prepared with a couple of buses of helpers to go assist the search.”

However, they said that to accomplish their jobs effectively, the several specialized agencies from Wisconsin and Michigan who were present requested volunteers to do so. The school district emphasized that, if needed, volunteers would be sent.

What happened to Nante Niemi?

According to his mother, Jessica Buerger, who talked to a television station in Duluth, Nante Niemi made his first trip with his family to the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park.

On Saturday, May 6, at 1 p.m., Michigan State Police reported that he had vanished.

The child begged permission to return to camp when half of his family was fishing and the other half was gathering firewood, but he never did.

Until six o’clock in the evening, family members looked for Niemi before turning to the police for assistance, according to the source.

Since it “will make it harder to find him,” Buerger said, officials request that volunteers avoid the area while searching for Niemi. We are asked to kindly avoid the area so that the several professional agencies from Wisconsin and Michigan hired there may execute their jobs to the best of their abilities.

The investigating part 

The Michigan State Police are investigating, and the Gogebic County Sheriff’s Office informed WDIO over the phone.

The eight-year-old youngster has been missing since Saturday afternoon, according to MSP. Several police organizations are searching for the Porcupine Mountains region, and they ask for the public’s patience. 

State Emergency Services volunteers, police officers, divers, aircraft, and family members combed Mt. Frankland National Park on Sunday, but the search was called off at 7:30 p.m. because of low lighting.

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