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Is a man named Ignacio Garcia the shooting suspect at the Allen Outlet Mall, Dallas?

Is a man named Ignacio Garcia the shooting suspect at the Allen Outlet Mall, Dallas?

Authorities in Texas have cleared Ignacio Garcia as a suspect in the shooting at Allen Outlet Mall, Dallas, that left one person dead and another injured on Saturday afternoon. 

How did the accident take place?

The shooting occurred around 5:30 p.m. near the food court of the popular shopping center, prompting a lockdown and a massive police response.

Ignacio Garcia was identified as the suspect in the shooting based on eyewitness accounts and surveillance footage. Garcia was said to be a Hispanic male in his mid-30s, wearing a black hoodie and a red bandana, who fled the scene on foot and may have left in a dark-colored vehicle.

The suspect was Mauricio Garcia, not Ignacio Garcia, and he was still large. The confusion may have stemmed from a case of mistaken identity or a miscommunication between law enforcement agencies.

Image Source – The Independent

Police report on the Allen Outlet Mall shooting:

The Allen Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety are still searching for Mauricio Garcia, who is now considered the primary suspect in the shooting.

Authorities have released a photo of Garcia and have advised the public not to approach him if they see him, but instead to call 911 or the Allen Police Department. Garcia is thought to be armed and dangerous, and the reason for the shooting remains unknown.

While Ignacio Garcia was initially identified as the suspect in the Allen Outlet Mall shooting in Dallas, he has since been cleared, and the true perpetrator remains at large.

Police officers are still looking for Mauricio Garcia, considered armed and dangerous, and investigating the shooting is ongoing. The public is advised to stay alert and cooperate with the authorities.

Is the Mall Reopened?

Meanwhile, the investigation into the shooting is ongoing, with the authorities reviewing video footage, interviewing witnesses, and analyzing forensic evidence.

The Allen Outlet Mall reopened for business on Sunday but with heightened security measures, including extra police patrols and bag checks.

The mall management released a statement expressing condolences to the victim’s family and thanking the first responders and law enforcement agencies for their prompt and effective response.

The statement also urged the public to look for suspicious activity and report it to authorities.

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