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How did Nomsa Taulo die? The Former MBC Reporter is No More

How did Nomsa Taulo die

The cause of death for Nomsa Mkandawire Taulo is the unexpected end of the former MBC reporter.

Nomsa Taulo die


How did Nomsa Taulo die?

The sudden death of Nomsa Mkandawire Taulo, a communication and innovation analyst for the United Nations Development Programme in South Sudan. The sudden death of Nomsa Mkandawire Taulo, a South Sudan communication and innovation analyst for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has deeply saddened and shocked MISA Malawi. She will be remembered as a committed and ambitious communication who worked tirelessly to improve the lives of the weak, mainly rural women, said Golden Matonga, Chairperson of MISA Malawi. Our sympathies are extended to the families of Mkandawire and Taulo, as well as to our UNDP colleagues and the media community. We pray for eternal peace for Nomsa’s soul.

What is Nomsa Mkandawire Taulo Cause of Death?

Nomsa Taulo, a former reporter for the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, passed away on Saturday, May 6, 2023, following a brief illness. Shortly after arriving in Malawi, she passed away. One day after she arrived from Juba, Nomsa was said to have passed away yesterday at a hospital in Lilongwe. She worked on a kid-friendly journalism project in Malawi after her time with Save the Children and before she passed away—the news of her passing shocked many people in the public and the media. Following the announcement of Taulo’s passing, tributes poured onto social media.

Who is Nomsa Mkandawire Taulo?

A skilled communicator and journalist, Nomsa. From 2004 to 2012, she served the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation as a reporter, editor, and producer. As a Campaigns and Communications Specialist, she then joined Save the Children International. Later, Nomsa worked for the Spotlight Initiative at the UN in Malawi as a communications officer. She joined UNDP South Sudan in 2022. Her friends and coworkers characterized her as a kind individual who put in much effort. At 12:45, prayers will be held before leaving for Blantyre in connection with Nomsa’s funeral, which begins at 12:30 at the Goodwill Funeral Parlour in Area 4, directly to the College of Medicine Mortuary in Blantyre, where an autopsy will be performed. More information about the Blantyre funeral arrangements will be released later.

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