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Sara Platt’s Wrongful Turkey Surgery: Before and After Photos

Sara Platt Turkey Surgery Gone Wrong

Sara Platt’s turkey operation went wrong. Sara, a British mother, is raising funds for surgery to help her correct issues she alleges was caused by cosmetic surgery in Turkey. Sara Platt, 32, spent a startling £14,000 for a stomach tuck, breast implant, and three different procedures earlier this year via a cosmetic surgery firm in Antalya. The mother of four claims the 13-hour procedure left her sore and caused the right breast to “die,” departing her with a large, infected hole in her stomach.

Sara Platt Turkey Surgery Gone Wrong1


Sara Platt’s Turkey Surgery Failed:

Sara Platt’s Turkey Surgery Failed. A British lady claims she was “butchered,” lost her right breast, and is now battling for her life after undergoing “botched” cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

Sara Platt, 32, paid $14,000 to a cosmetic surgery clinic in Antalya early this year for a breast implant, stomach tuck, and three other procedures. The mother of four alleges that the 13-hour treatment left her mutilated, causing necrose and ‘death’ in her right breast and leaving a large, infected gash in her stomach.

According to her, she was brought into surgery following the procedure when the brown liquid started to pour from the location. While she was conscious, surgeons reportedly burnt away the infected tissue.

She admitted to lying to the doctor about her opinion of him because she was afraid she would not be allowed to return home if she did not. She was hospitalized after landing in the UK because her wound became infected, and she had eight surgeries to save her life.

She is raising funds for surgery to restore the damage done to her body and legal action against the Turkish physician she blames for it. Sara, from South Wales, alleges she now has nightmares and cannot look at her body. Sara alleges that her agony began when she had a gastric sleeve implanted after reaching 24 stone after steroid therapy for her endometriosis in September 2021. She had ‘intolerable’ excess skin after losing 12 stones, which caused boils and sores from friction.

She planned a tummy tuck treatment in Turkey after spending 17 months researching several physicians. Even though the operation she arranged via the agency in February got meant to give her a new lease on life, she believes it has left her with a deformed body. Sara alleges that she had to have 30% of her left breast removed owing to surgical mistakes and lost her right breast, which turned black, and died.

She also has a “hunch” due to the additional fat on her back. Sara claims that the surgeon removed too much skin from her stomach, resulting in a gaping hole that necessitated skin grafts from her legs. Two months later, the wound is still wide open and gaping. She alleges that she felt obligated to lie to him about presenting him with a favorable online rating because she was afraid the doctor would refuse to sign a “fit to fly” certificate.

Sara was on the verge of death when she returned to the UK a month after departing on a two-week holiday. She had contracted an illness commonly resistant to treatment and had most likely started in the Turkish hospital.

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