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Arrested and Charged: Gonzalo Lira Accused of Shilling for Putin- Reddit Update

Gonzalo Lira Arrested

Gonzalo Lira arrested: Everyone has been talking about the incarceration of the dating coach, who was suspected of shilling for Putin. Here’s what we know thus far. Gonzalo Lira is a former online dating counselor and writer. He gained notoriety as a relationship consultant and previously provided dating counsel under the pseudonym Red Pill.

Gonzalo Lira Arrested1


Furthermore, we may discover him on YouTube, where he has posted several videos. As a result, the Lira has been involved in several issues. Similarly, he released several tapes and comments on social media sites such as YouTube, Telegram, and Twitter, attempting to blame Ukraine for the Russian Federation’s attacks. As a result of Lira’s arrest, he is in the limelight. So, let’s learn more about him.

Gonzalo Lira Arrested and Charged: Accused of Shilling for Putin

Gonzalo Lira was detained and accused of warfare propaganda under sections 2 and 3 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code. According to the Daily Beast, Lira was detained on May 1, 2023. Following his arrest, Lira is claimed to have been charged with making and disseminating documents that legitimize Putin’s military assault against Ukraine. 

As a result, Lira was arrested from his home in Kharkiv. Ukrainian officials believe that a search of Lira’s residence turned even more proof of his illegal activities, including his mobile phone and computer data.

Why Was Gonzalo Lira Arrested? 

Gonzalo Lira, as previously stated, was detained for spreading pro-Russian propaganda. The divisive personality is accused of generating and disseminating materials that support Putin’s aggressive assault on Ukraine. Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) subsequently confirmed the arrest of an unidentified foreign blogger, and the Kharkiv prosecutor’s office also posted a blurred video of Lira on its YouTube account. 

Gonzalo’s name startled everyone, and many even criticized him. According to an SBU official, Gonzalo was among the first to back the Russian invaders and raise their war crimes.

What Has Happened to Gonzalo Lira? Update on Reddit

Gonzalo Lira was arrested and is currently imprisoned while the investigation moves forward. He argues that an active inquiry is still ongoing. According to reports, Lira might face five to eight years in jail. Lira is one of the most divisive personalities. Gonzalo mocked Volodymyr Zelensky in his films and portrayed Ukrainians defending their country against Russian invaders as armed criminals. Similarly, Lira is accused of recording Ukrainian troops to capture their likenesses and tarnish their military service.

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