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4 Arrested In Connection With Burglary At Houston Astros Player Jose Altuve’s Home

Jose Altuve
Source: tvguide

Seven watches are said to have been taken from the ballplayer’s residence by one of the accused. According to authorities, four suspects have been detained and accused in relation to a March break-in at the home of Houston Astros player Jose Altuve. According to the authorities, the burglary took place on March 30, the team’s Opening Day.

What Happened In Jose Altuve’s Home?

The Houston Police Department announced on social media that three men and a woman had been charged with felonies in connection with the “burglary of Jose Altuve’s residence” and included booking images of the suspects.

According to court documents, Patrick Maxey, 27, Jordan Tarniella, 25, and William Jones, 28, were arrested on the felony charge of breaking into a dwelling. Maxey, who was detained on Wednesday, is accused of stealing seven watches from Altuve’s house, according to the complaint. His bail was set at $200,000 on Friday.

According to Maxey’s lawyer, Edward Jointer, the defendant “maintains that he is not guilty.” Jointer stated that it was still too early to comment on the case’s merits.

In their complaint, Tarniella and Jones claim that they entered the home of the second baseman “with intent to commit theft.” Since being arrested last month, they have been in custody. According to Cheryl Chapell, Tarniella’s attorney, they are currently awaiting discovery and at this moment have no further comment.

Culprit Charged

Jose Altuve

Source: NBC news

According to their charges, Jasmyn Hall, 20, who was the fourth person detained in connection with the burglary, has also been charged with fleeing arrest and obstructing capture for allegedly aiding Jones in escaping on April 13. According to Jones’ attorney Patrick Ruzzo, the defence is evaluating the information made public by the state and “conducting an independent investigation.”

According to their allegations, Jones and Maxey, two of the defendants, were previously found guilty of breaking into a home. According to Houston police, the Hedwig Village Police Department provided assistance in the Altuve burglary case. A Houston Astros representative declined to comment because it was a “personal matter.”

After breaking his thumb in the March World Baseball Classic, Altuve was unable to participate in the Astros’ first game. This week, he started playing baseball again, although it’s not certain when he’ll join the squad again. He was the 2017 AL MVP and an eight-time All-Star. Additionally, he has won the World Series twice.

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