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Who is Macaulay Culkin married to now? Is Macaulay Culkin in a relationship?

Macaulay Culkin Wife Rachel Miner

Macaulay Culkin is a famous American actor. Macaulay Culkin is well-recognized as a child actor as Kevin McCallister in the “Home Alone” film series (1990 and 1992).

In 1985, Macaulay Culkin made his television debut as Halloween Kid in “The Midnight Hour” television film.

In 1988, Macaulay Culkin made his film debut with the “Rocket Gibraltar” film.

In 2015, Macaulay Culkin made his web series debut with the “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” series.

Macaulay Culkin acted in many movies such as See You in the Morning, Only the Lonely, Uncle Buck, The Good Son, Richie Rich, Adam Green’s Aladdin, Party Monster, Getting Even with Dad, The Wrong Ferarri, and more.

Macaulay Culkin appeared in many television shows like The Equalizer, Robot Chicken, Saturday Night Live, The Jim Gaffigan Show, The Righteous Gemstones, Kings, and more.

Macaulay Culkin acted in many web series like :DRYVRS, Angry Video Game Nerd, Re:View, Glitter Bomb 2.0 vs Porch Pirates, Good Mythical Morning, Compare the Market, Best of the Worst, and more.

Macaulay Culkin Girlfriend Brenda Song


Who was Macaulay Culkin Wife?

Macaulay Culkin’s marital status is Divorced. Macaulay Culkin wife was Rachel Miner. She is also a famous actress.

Macaulay Culkin and Rachel Miner married in 1998 when both were 18 years old.

The couple separated after two years of marriage, and Culkin and Minor divorced in 2002. The marriage of Macaulay Culkin and Rachel Miner did not last long

Where is Macaulay Culkin from?

Macaulay Culkin’s full name is Macaulay Carson Culkin. Macaulay Culkin’s date of birth is 26 August 1980. Macaulay Culkin’s age is 42 years.

Macaulay Culkin was born to Kit Culkin and Patricia Brentrup in New York, United States.

Macaulay Culkin has seven siblings- Kieran Culkin, Rory Culkin, Dakota Culkin, Shane Culkin, Quinn Culkin, Christian Culkin, and Jennifer Adamson. Macaulay Culkin is of part-Irish descent.

Macaulay Culkin did her studies at St. Joseph’s School of Yorkville for five years and Professional Children’s School. Macaulay Culkin’s nationality is American.

Who is Macaulay Culkin Girlfriend/partner?

Yes, Macaulay Culkin is in a romantic and long-term relationship. Macaulay Culkin’s girlfriend is Brenda Song.

Macaulay Culkin started dating actress Brenda Song in 2017. The couple had worked together in “Changeland”.

On 5 April 2021, Brenda Song gave birth to Macaulay Culkin’s first child, named Dakota Song Culkin.

Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin’s second child was due in December 2022. Brenda and Macaulay have been in a relationship for 5 years and are still together.

Macaulay Culkin dated actress Mila Kunis in May 2002, following his divorce from wife Rachel Miner.

Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis ended their nine-year relationship on January 3, 2011.

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