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Where is Jewish Matchmaking’s Fay Brezel These Days?

Where is Fay Brezel From Jewish Matchmaking Now

On May 3, 2023, Netflix will debut Jewish Dating. Even though it has only been one day, the public enjoys every contestant. The world is starting to recognize some of the participants in this dating reality program, and Netflix fans are curious to learn more about them.

Where is Fay Brezel From Jewish Matchmaking Now1


The Jewish Matchmaking Journey of Fay Brezel:

Fay was just as independent as an Orthodox woman, as seen by her cheery disposition, upbeat eyes, and brilliant smile. This is because she is a businesswoman with a solid drive to advance health and fitness and a practicing Muslim who covers her head, shoulders, knees, and toes while devoting most of her life to religion. Unsurprisingly, the first thing this 28-year-old Flatbush, New York, resident wanted in a partner was for him to share similar values and aspirations with her.

Fay said that she wanted her future husband to “embodies getting a ‘frum’ Jew precisely as I do,” if not more, suggesting that God should be his priority. So, of course, any physical contact with a potential suitor in any way, shape, or form before marriage was out of the question — no holding hands, either. She recognized that these limitations are “there to benefit us, guiding us towards a purposeful, meaningful, and fulfilling life” rather than focusing on attention, alternatives, and selfish goals. 

That is why matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom matched Fay with fellow Orthodox Jew Shaya Rosenberg, and the two hit it off right away owing to the latter’s laid-back demeanor.

Where has Fay Brezel Gone?

Fay was sad about how her relationship with Shaya ended. Still, she regarded it as a blessing in disguise, indicating that something greater was in the cards for her, whatever or whomever it does not appear to have entered her life as of this writing, especially since she seems to be currently devoting herself to her work and God. 

After all, this Licenced Mental Health Counsellor founded OKclarity, the first online mental health and wellness directory that assists customers from all over the globe in finding the proper Jewish experts for them. 

She has included therapists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and coaches in her database to provide patients and professionals with a platform where their voices may be heard and located by those needing to listen to them the most.

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