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Matthew Calamari: Father and son duo at the Trump Organization are scrutinized in a classified document case.

Matthew Calamari: Father and son duo at the Trump Organization are scrutinized in a classified document case.

The father and son duo have been long-time employees of the Trump Organization, with Matthew Calamari Sr. serving as the chief operating officer. Are under scrutiny in a case involving the alleged mishandling of classified documents.

Who is Matthew Calamari?

Since 2001, Matthew Calamari Sr. has worked for the Trump Organization as the chief operating officer. He has long been the president’s confidant and bodyguard, making him a crucial part of the security team for Donald Trump.

Mat The Trump Organization’s corporate director of security, Matthew Calamari Jr., is in charge of all security-related activities, including those at Trump Tower in New York City.

Paul Manafort, the former campaign chairman, and attorney Michael Cohen are two other people with legal problems connected to the Trump organization, so he is not the first to experience this.

Legal challenges faced by the Trump Organization:

Since Donald Trump left office in January 2021, the Trump Organization has encountered a number of legal issues, including inquiries and lawsuits related to the business’s finances, tax strategies, and business dealings.

The legal dispute involving the Calamari family is the most recent in several cases involving the former president’s commercial empire.

In connection with the investigation into the alleged improper handling of classified documents by the Calamari family, The Trump Organization is currently addressing another legal matter.

Given that the business is already being investigated for a number of other problems, this most recent development will undoubtedly put more pressure on Donald Trump and his associates.

What is the case of father and son with Trump?

The case against the Calamari family is centered on claims that they improperly handled classified documents that belonged to the Trump Organization. The documents, it is claimed, were illegally removed from a safe location in New Jersey and transported from a secure storage area at the company’s headquarters in New York City.

If found guilty of the alleged mishandling of these documents, which is a serious matter, the Calamari family could be charged with a crime. 

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