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Who is Madelyn Llanes? Woman involved in the shoving incident at the Met Gala with A$AP Rocky

Woman involved in the shoving incident at the Met Gala with A$AP Rocky
Woman involved in the shoving incident at the Met Gala with A$AP Rocky

ASAP Rocky apologizes to Madelyn Llanes, the woman he heavily relied upon to cut through a massive NYC crowd to make it to the Met Gala. The incident happened outside NYC’s Carlyle Hotel on Monday evening, when Rocky pushed through fans and autograph seekers who didn’t recognize the Harlem rap star at first.

Who is Madelyn Llanes?

Madelyn Llanes is recognized as a native of Long Island. Madelyn linked herself as being 21 times old on Twitter. Madelyn admitted in an interview that she originally disregarded Rocky’s plea to move since she was deposited at the hedge at the end of the road.

A$AP Rocky is expressing his regret to Madelyn Llanes, a woman he has a strong crush on, so that he may attend the Met Gala event.

Woman involved in the shoving incident at the Met Gala with A$AP Rocky

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Who is she? A Female Who Entangled A$AP Rocky’s Met Gala Shoving Incident!

Journalist Philip Lewis shared a video of the moment rapper A$AP Rocky, dressed entirely in black and had his hood up, leaped the fence outside New York City’s The Carlyle Hotel.

To advance, the rapper shoved his hand into Madelyn’s face.” So, does anyone know why Rocky had to do this?” Philip Lewis, an intelligencer, penned the caption.

A$AP Rocky had to pass past a massive NYC crowd to get to the Met Gala event, so he apologized to Madelyn Llanes, a person he relies significantly on.

In the incident, which took place on Monday, May 1, 2023, in the evening outside of NYC’s Carlyle Hotel, Rockey surged through fans and autograph seekers who at first weren’t familiar with the Harlem rap sensation before he leaped over the barrier. But Rocky needed a boost to climb over, so he used Llanes’ shoulder.

Madelyn posted a selfie on Twitter with her glasses slightly off, writing, “ASAP Rocky just literally jumped over me.”

A$AP Rocky apologizes for the set being cut short at the Rolling Loud festival.

He wrote, currently, he is in pain.! Last was supposed to mark the transition of his live performances from the old to the new! He wrote on social media that he now accepts full responsibility for the events that redounded in the show last night, which was everything it was and nothing it wasn’t.

He also wanted to admit that, though he spent months planning the stylish show for his suckers, down to the last detail.

He further mentioned that, unfortunately, he could not realize his vision and was not hurt by it. He wanted to apologize to his fans and supporters and thanked you for sticking by him despite this.

According to a report-

Madelyn felt someone tap her shoulder, and when she turned, it was ASAP Rocky. She refused his request, but he didn’t watch. He pushed his way over and seized her and the Joe beside her. After he hopped over, he said,” thank you,” and laughed and flipped her off. When he went outdoors, she realized it was him.

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