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What Happened To Michael Palin Wife Helen Gibbins? What Was Her Illness? 

Helen Gibbins
Source: nbs news

Helen Gibbins, the spouse of Michael Palin, passed away on May 2, 2023, following years of chronic discomfort that were made worse by a diagnosis of renal failure a few years before. The Monty Python actor revealed on his official website that Helen passed away early on Tuesday. Helen had been in respite care for the previous seven months due to chronic pain and kidney failure, both of which were identified a few years ago.

Thomas (age 54), William (age 52), and Rachel (age 48) are the three children that Michael and Helen had together during their 57-year marriage. Michael acknowledged his profound sorrow at Helen’s loss and referred to her as the “bedrock” of his life.

How Did Helen Gibbins Passed Away?

The widow of Michael Palin passed away quietly in her sleep from kidney failure and chronic discomfort. After 57 years of marriage, Sir Michael Palin has revealed that his wife Helen passed away quietly on Tuesday morning. Helen had experienced long-term agony, which got worse after she was given a renal failure diagnosis a few years ago.

When they were both 16 years old, the couple first met in the seaside community of Southwold, Suffolk. They later moved to Gospel Oak, north-west London, where they raised their three children, Thomas, William, and Rachel, as well as four grandchildren. Palin called Helen the “bedrock” of his life and said that their initial meeting served as the inspiration for his 1987 BBC play East Of Ipswich.

What Illness Does Helen Gibbins Have?

Helen Gibbins

Source: nbs news

Helen Palin, the wife of Michael Palin, had years of excruciating discomfort before being given the renal failure diagnosis, which made her condition worse. Michael Palin said on his website that Helen died away quietly early on Tuesday morning. The couple got engaged in their early 20s after initially meeting while on a summer vacation on the Suffolk coast when they were both sixteen years old.

In 2019, Palin underwent heart surgery, which served as a reminder for him to prioritise his health and know when to take breaks from work. Palin has also been candid about his own health issues.

Who Is Helen Gibbins?

Michael Palin married Helen Gibbins, whom he had met while on holiday in Southwold, Suffolk, in 1959. Their first meeting was fictionalised in Palin’s teleplay for the 1987 BBC television drama East of Ipswich after they got married in 1966. After 57 years of marriage, Helen died on May 2, 2023. Thomas, William, and Rachel were their three children, and they also had four grandchildren.

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