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What did Carl Markley do? Charges against an Ames, Iowa, nurse practitioner are being investigated.

What did Carl Markley do

Ames Police detained nurse practitioner Carl Markley, 44, on Friday, April 28, 2023, on suspicion of abusing a child. However, the following day, he posted a bond, i. e. the 29th of April. Before being detained, Markley was the subject of a thorough investigation by the local police in Ames, Iowa. He was also one of the owners of an indoor golf business. According to Ames Police, search warrants were issued against the Iowa-based nurse practitioner after authorities received a report of possible abuse of a minor.

Carl Markley


What did Carl Markley do?

According to the official statement from the neighborhood police, “Ames Police received a report from a concerned citizen regarding potential child abuse. Carl D. Markley, 44, of Ames, Iowa, had search warrants carried out at his home and business by detectives from the Ames Police Department. Markley has been detained after a thorough investigation. “.

Carl Markley was charged with Exploitation of a Minor-Cause to Engage in Act following his initial arrest on Friday. The Ames Police Department, on Monday, May 1, 2023, charged the man from Iowa with several additional offenses. Carl Markley, who resides in Iowa, was charged with trafficking in human beings.

The neighborhood police department updated the allegations against the nurse practitioner while ensuring the investigations were ongoing after detaining Carl Markley again. Authorities reportedly discovered more victims after initially finding only one complaint. Additionally, some of the cases go back even further than ten years.

What do the Officials say?

The criminal complaint against Markley, according to a report in The Des Moines Register, claims that during the searches of Markley’s home and place of business, detectives found numerous electronic devices, including a clock and pen with a hidden camera.

The complaint cited in The Des Moines Register’s article also claims that the photos were purportedly taken during the physical examinations that the 44-year-old nurse practitioner performed on a male minor. According to data from other media outlets, the victim, who the investigators have named, was between the ages of 15 and 16 when they were examined. Carl Markley allegedly informed the young person that such an investigation was necessary to be hired by the former’s company. The offense happened in October 2020, according to the criminal complaint.

According to the uninformed, the 44-year-old accused helped conduct annual athletic physicals for students at the middle and high schools in the Ames district in 2014. After Carl Markley was the subject of inquiries and accusations, the Ames Community School District Julius Lawson’s superintendent mailed the families to inform them of the former’s involvement in the annual athletic physicals. Carl Markley’s residence also yielded a signed document from one of the victims. As a result, there are now suspicions that Markley may have duped and defrauded his victims before forcing them to engage in illegal activity. Though investigations are ongoing and Markley is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the local police authorities have maintained that these are accusations.

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