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The Tailor’s Resolve: Did Peyami Die? What Happened During the Fight with Dimitri?

Did Peyami die - The Tailor ending explained

Netflix’s Turkish drama series (Terzi) premiered on May 2, 2023. The series also stars Agatay Ulusoy, Sifanur Gül, Olgun Simsek, Salih Bademci, and other performers. Cem Karci wrote the script with Gülseren Budayicioglu, Rana Mamatlioglu, and Bekir Baran Sitki.

Did Peyami die - The Tailor ending explained1


The explanation for “The Tailor’s Finale”:

Things become more complex when Esvet leaves Dimitri’s house and stays with Peyami while posing as Firuze. Without his knowledge, Peyami enables her to care for his mentally troubled father at his home. Everything looks like planned until she accidentally releases Mustafa and meets Dimitri. Peyami ordered her to leave home immediately and dismissed her for being irresponsible.

Dimitri, did you Capture Esvet?

After leaving Peyami’s house, she contacts her father to meet with him and address her predicament. On the other hand, Faruk has to know that Dimitri is after him. When Dimitri comes, his guys notice Esvet and begin courting her. She manages to escape Dmitri’s clutches just by chance.

Is Esvet back at Peyami’s House?

Esvet returns to Peyami’s house to apply for a job since she has exhausted her options. She does, however, visit Peyami’s grandmother and suggests to her. She accepts to marry Mustafa in return for the job. During the wedding, she stays at Peyami’s house.

Peyami, Did you Figure Out Esvet’s True Identity?

Despite Esvet’s efforts, Mustafa rushes to Peyami’s desk one day. He notices the wedding gown hanging in the room and orders her to put it on. Esvet puts on clothing, which fits her well, to appease Mustafa. Peyami bursts into the room and sees her in the gown. He notices Esvet rather than Firuze as he turns to look at her more carefully. The scenario gets considerably more complicated when she discloses who she is.

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