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Stormie Seibold: 60-years-Old Pilot Killed In A Big Bear Airplane Crash

Stormie Seibold
Source: ABC News

The pilot of a single-engine plane that crashed on May 2, 2023, in a vacant area close to Paradise Way and Maltby Boulevard in Big Bear City has been identified as Stormie Seibold.

With two pals, he was travelling to the Big Bear Airport. Sadly, all three guys were killed in the collision. The Big Bear Fire Department and Sheriff’s Department came in response to a report of an aviation accident.

According to Chardelle Smith, the public information officer for the Big Bear Fire Department, the call was made on Tuesday at approximately 2:00 pm. When fire crews arrived within three minutes, they reportedly discovered considerable damage to the single-engine jet despite the absence of smoke or flames.

The identities of all three victims are known. The article you’re reading right now is about Stormie Seibold’s family history.

Who Was Stormie Seibold ?

The pilot of the single-engine plane that crashed on Monday, about a mile from Big Bear Airport, near the intersection of Maltby Boulevard and Paradise Way, has been named as Stormie Seibold.

Jimmy Fitzpatrick and Robert Carty, along with Stormie Seibold, also perished in the collision on Monday afternoon at Big Bear Airport.Along with two other people, Stormie Seibold, 60, of Temecula, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, 62, of Perris, and Robert Carty, 79, of Lake Havasu, Arizona, also passed away.

Seibold Is Listed As The Plane’s Owner

Stormie Seibold

Source: ABC News

The single-engine Beechcraft A36 crashed in a small, empty field about a mile to the east of Big Bear Airport, which is thought to have been the plane’s final destination, according to the NTSB’s preliminary investigation.

Given the number of homes in the area, Big Bear Fire Department Battalion Chief Luke Wagner reported that there were no fires and no structural damages. The NTSB is aggressively investigating the crash site, air traffic communications, radar data, weather reports, and interviewing potential witnesses to determine what caused the tragedy.

A Devoted Family Man: Stormie Seibold

The pilot and owner of the jet that crashed close to Big Bear Airport, Stormie Seibold, was remembered as a devoted father and an adventurous man. Pilot Stormie Seibold was a devoted father and an intrepid traveller. Stormie Seibold had at least 25 years of flying experience, and according to his wife Kay Seibold, he was always prepared for crises.

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