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How did Joe Smooth Jacinto Die? Saxophonist Joe Smooth Jacinto passed away.

How did Joe Smooth Jacinto Die? Saxophonist Joe Smooth Jacinto passed away.

Joe Smooth Jacinto, the saxophonist, passed away. He used to work as a saxophonist in the band named Poole and the Gang. 

Who was Joe Smooth Jacinto?

He was one of the band members named Poole and the Gang. He was the saxophonist for his band. He was very dedicated to music. 

The main aim of his life was to increase the popularity of jazz music by combining it with all the dance music genres, going back to ragtime and bebop while moving things forward with funk, hip-hop, and much more. 

The audience was very happy with the music presented to them by the Poole and the Gang, and the band gained popularity. 


Joe Smooth Jacinto’s Cause of Death

Joe was known for his friendly nature and used to talk with everyone with a smile and friendly behaviour. And the people close to him were very curious to know what happened to him.

His son, Daniel, said his father, Joe Smooth Jacinto, recently had cancer. And with the therapies going on, he lost his courage. He also stated that his father lost the brave battle with the sickness he was suffering from and passed away.

What happened to Joe?

Joe was a very kind human. And was very popular and loved by many people for the skills he had and the nature he held. But we know life is unpredictable, and we can not even think of anything that will happen next.

Nobody would have imagined that the next moment would take him away from this world.

Joe was diagnosed with cancer and was suffering from that, as stated by his son, Daniel. He posted the news of his father passing away on Facebook.

In the post, he added that his father fought very well in this battle of fighting against cancer. He added that the world had lost the most kind, talented, loving, and sweet man and will always be remembered for his deeds.

Tribute To Joe Smooth Jacinto

He was a very kind and humble man, and everyone there used to praise him for being so kind. Many people are expressing their sorrow and love for him and showing sympathy to his family. This news upset his fans and the people who support him. 

Many people came forward on social media and expressed their sadness with their kind words. Some said they were very sorry to hear about his death and wanted his family to stay strong.

Some said that the world had lost the great man. They also showed love to his son and Ann. 

May Joe’s soul rest in peace!!

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