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How Did Hadas Winnick die? Where is Jesse Winnick now? Explained

Where is Jesse Winnick now

The ID episode “Evil Lives Here: What if He Gets Out?” closely examines the life and crimes of a single, deviant person who allegedly let his rage out as a teenager. At the time, however, nobody could have predicted that his violent tendencies would eventually result in a horrifying homicide inside his own home — that he would snap and kill.

Jesse Winnick


How Did Hadas Winnick die?

Hadas Winnick was a kind, passionate, and hardworking woman who, according to those closest to her, faced everything life threw at her at 55. She was a single mother of two adult children. The math teacher at Canoga Park High School had made a good life for her family in the affluent Calabasas hillside community while never hinting at any problems at home to her coworkers. Since her daughter was in denial until she found the body herself, the news of her murder largely came as a complete shock to no one but her.

When Amy, who had just graduated from college the previous year, arrived home that evening from a date, she discovered her mother lying in a pool of blood of their Declaration Avenue house. Hadas was lying face up, a bloody butcher knife protruded from her neck, and her fingers were placed inches from the phone. The dedicated teacher also sustained multiple stab wounds to the chest, making the manner of death a homicide and the cause of death numerous stab wounds.

Who was responsible for Hadas Winnick’s death?

The brutal murder of Hadas Winnick by her firstborn child and Amy’s older brother, 25-year-old Jesse Bernard Winnick, was without a doubt his doing. This is because he had already admitted to killing Mom to his sister over the phone after pleading with her not to visit their childhood home, where they both still resided. When Amy’s mother didn’t answer her house calls that night, she called Jesse to check on things to find out if everything was alright and the tragic truth. Amy knew things between her mother and brother were tense that night. At first, the trainer/pharmaceutical distributor seemed to be making a twisted joke, as he frequently had in the past, but the pit in her stomach forced her to call 911 on the way home.

After being captured in a matter of hours, Jesse confessed that he had been preparing a snack when his mother asked him to clean up after himself, which had caused him to lose his cool. As a result, he said, he could not resist using the blade to attack her. He added casually that even though he was unsure of its type, the detectives could tell it was a particular kind because he had left it purposefully inserted into her neck. We should also point out that he was a complete felon after entering a no-contest plea to a charge of making criminal threats.

Where is Jesse Winnick now?

In addition to allegedly prolonging the legal process as much as he could while in county jail awaiting trial, Jessee Bernard Winnick is also accused of trying to arrange a hit on his sister, which thankfully never materialized. But in the end, he entered a no-contest plea to the charge of second-degree murder in September 2011 and was immediately given a sentence of 15 years to life in prison. As a result, the 40-year-old is currently detained at the Lancaster CSP-Los Angeles County Correctional Facility, which has a minimum and maximum sentence. Jesse will likely appear before the board again in August 2023 after being denied parole in 2021. To learn more about his actions, read Amy’s autobiography, Working for Justice: One Family’s Tale of Murder, Betrayal, and Healing.’.

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