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Five Startling Revelations Concerning Justin Michael’s Murder

Justin Michael's murder details

Justin On May 8, 2014, Michael was murdered in his Grimes, Iowa, home as he and his then-fiance Angie Ver Huel slept in the same room. Michael’s mother was there at the time of the occurrence, and Angie said that the gunman was clad entirely in black. The murder scene also revealed that robbery did not motivate the death. The revelations made throughout the probe astounded the authorities. They learned that Michael’s fiance’s ex-partner, David Moffitt, had broken into their house that night and shot the victim because he was envious of the couple’s engagement. Moffitt then attempted to frame another man for the murder but was finally found guilty and condemned to a mandatory life sentence in jail with no chance of release.

Justin Michael's murder details1

How Did Justin Michael Pass Away?

Justin Michael loved life, and his friends and family regarded him as someone who craved adventure and thrills. He even valued community service and was well-known for bringing joy. Michael was a diligent worker who worked at a nearby Wells Fargo and was a cherished and respected part of the community. Additionally, he was engaged to Angie Ver Huel, with whom he led a happy and contented life.

A Deadly Shooting, Erroneous Evidence, and Other Facts:

  • In Bed, Michael was Shot Four Times with Unusual Bullets:

On May 8, 2014, at about 3.20 a.m., Justin Michael, 30, was shot down in bed while sleeping in the same room with his girlfriend, Angie Ver Huel, who escaped uninjured. Angie called 911 a few seconds later. First responders found Michael dead and bleeding from four gunshot wounds after he had been shot four times using a special kind of Russian-made bullet that had been recovered at the site.

  • According to Two Witnesses, Justin Michael’s Murderer was all Black:

Michael’s girlfriend Angie gave officials a sketchy description of the shooter, saying he was clothed entirely in black. Another witness, Michael’s mother, Marie, who was visiting and present in the home at the time of the incident, described the gunman similarly. Michael’s mother said that a man clad entirely in black entered her room and flashed a “red laser” on her before leaving.

  • Before Officials Began Looking into Her Ex-Lovers, Angie was the First Suspect:

Authorities first suspected Justin Michael’s girlfriend, Angie Ver Huel, who fled unscathed, had no blood on her, and behaved emotionlessly after her boyfriend’s murder while in the same room as the deceased. During the questioning, however, she suggested two ex-partners, Andy Wegner and David Moffitt, who may have been involved in Michael’s shooting. Both guys quickly became prime suspects in the crime.

  • That Same Night, David Moffitt was in an Automobile Accident Near Michael’s House:

Moffitt, who had been in a non-serious relationship with Angie for a few months the previous year, was involved in a vehicle accident on a gravel road only a few miles from the victim’s house around 4 a.m., soon after the shooting. He lived 20 miles away and told investigators he was out on a joyride during those odd hours.

  • Incriminating Evidence got Discovered at Moffitt’s Residence, which He Shared with His Pals:

According to reports, remarks from a firearms dealer and security video linked Moffitt to Justin Michael’s killing. Additional evidence suggested that he was trying to pin the crime on Andy Wegner, Angie’s other ex-boyfriend, who had a strong alibi and got disqualified as a suspect. Authorities also found notes at Moffitt’s house that showed he had been stalking the victim weeks before the killing. 2015 saw the conviction and incarceration for life without the possibility of parole of David Moffitt.

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