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Who is Nigel Havers married too? Is Nigel Havers still married?

Nigel Havers Wife Georgiana Bronfman
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Nigel Havers is a famous British actor as well as a presenter.

Nigel Havers is famous for his work and role in the Chariots of Fire, Empire of the Sun, and Steven Spielberg films.

In 1972, Nigel Havers made his acting debut with the “Pope Joan” film.

In 1973, Nigel Havers made his television debut with the “Shabby Tiger” series.

Nigel Havers acted in many movies such as Penelope, Element of Doubt, Farewell to the King, The Whistle Blower, Birth of the Beatles, The Haunting of Julia, Empire of the Sun, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, and more.

Nigel Havers appeared in many television series like The Glittering Prizes, A Horseman Riding By, Nancy Astor, Strangers and Brothers, Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years, Don’t Wait Up, The Good Guys, Dangerfield, and more.

Nigel Havers Age

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How old is Nigel Havers?

Nigel Havers’s age is 71 years. Nigel Havers’s full name is Nigel Allan Havers. Nigel Havers’s date of birth is 6 November 1951. Nigel Havers was born to Michael Havers and Baron Havers in Edmonton, London, United Kingdom.

Nigel Havers has a brother whose name is Philip Havers. Nigel Havers did his studies at Nowton Court Prep School and the Arts Educational School, an independent school. Nigel Havers’ nationality is British.

Who is Nigel Havers Wife Now?

Nigel Havers is a married man. Currently, Nigel Havers wife is Georgiana Bronfman.

Georgiana Bronfman is well-recognized as the ex-wife of the late Edgar Bronfman, the mother of Sarah and Clare Bronfman.

Georgiana Bronfman is famous for her charitable work with noted palaeoanthropologist Richard Leakey.

Nigel Havers and Georgiana Bronfman married on 8 June 2007 in New York City. Nigel Havers and Georgiana Bronfman are still married.

Nigel Havers ex-wife?

Nigel Havers married three times. But the first two marriages of Nigel Havers did not last long.

Nigel Havers first married Carolyn Cox in 1974. In 1977, Nigel and Carolyn gave birth to a daughter named Kate Havers. But after 15 years, in 1989, Nigel Havers divorced Carolyn Cox.

Nigel Havers began a relationship with Polly Williams in the mid-1980s. Polly Williams is best known as the daughter of actor Hugh Williams. She is also known to be the sister of his friend, actor Simon Williams.

Nigel Havers had many affairs during his first marriage.

Nigel Havers and Polly Williams married in 1989. The couple’s marriage lasted until the death of Polly Williams on 24 June 2004.

After this, Nigel Havers got married for the third time in 2007 and is still with his third wife.

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