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Is Speed Skater Jutta Leerdam Currently Dating American Boxer Jake Paul?

Jutta Leerdam Dating
Image source- Daily

Speed skater Jutta has won numerous competitions and championships, including a gold medal in the women’s team pursuit event at the 2020 European Championships. She is known for her impressive speed and agility on the ice.

However, Jutta’s personal life, particularly her relationship history, has also attracted the attention of fans in addition to her athletic accomplishments. In this article, we’ll dive further into Jutta Leerdam’s dating life and current relationship.

Who is Jutta Leerdam Dating Now?

Jutta Leerdam is dating Jake Paul, who is an American boxer and YouTuber. The couple started dating in early of the year 2021, and in March of that same year, they made their relationship public.

The two have been seen together on different occasions and have shared photographs of one another via online entertainment. The couple seems to be doing well, even though they are 12 years apart in age.

Last week, professional boxer and YouTube star Paul was first linked to Leerdam by TMZ. In any case, nothing was affirmed until a few days after the fact, when Paul posted a progression of private photographs of the couple together on Instagram, alongside the caption that he was Dutch at this point.

Since then, a lot of fans have thought that the two of them are an actual thing. Naturally, many American fans are puzzled about Leerdam’s identity and the circumstances that led to her rise to fame. Leerdam, on the other hand, has been a fairly well-known name in international sports for a while now.

Know About Jutta Leerdam

Leerdam is a professional speed skater from the Netherlands who won the 1,000-meter world title twice in the year 2020 and the year 2023. She also took home a silver medal at the Winter Olympics in the year 2022 and a gold medal at the World Sprint Championships in the year 2022. She told Infrostada Sports that she started out playing hockey and fell in love with skating at a young age.

Leerdam told the outlet that she played hockey for eight years, and she enjoyed it, but she has never been one to work with others. Moreover, she also stated that the individual aspect of skating appealed to her over team sports when she eventually realized that speed skating was the perfect match, and she has never looked back since then.

Fans Are Not Shipping Jake And Jutta Together

The opposition is not entirely unexpected. First of all, Paul is well-known for being referred to as a bad boy. His string of scandals was kind of what made him a household name; Insider referred to him as the YouTuber who is both the most well-liked and the most detested on the platform at the moment.

In any case, concerning his relationship with Leerdam, who knows where this will go? The photos that the celebs have shared thus far feature a lot of laughing, deep, dreamy stares, along with holding hands.

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