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Is Brian Bovell married? Who is Brian Bovell Wife?

Brian Bovell Wife

Brian Bovell a is notable British actor. Brian Bovell is well-known for his work in Pan (2015), The Witches (2020), Love Actually (2003), and Secrets & Lies (1996).

In 2023, Brian Bovell appears as Sir Anthony Owusu in the “Malpractce” television series.

Brian Bovell will be seen in the “John Carter, Warlord of Mars”, “The Licensed Fool”, and “Coming Up” upcoming series.

Brian Bovell Age

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Who is Brian Bovell Wife?

Many fans of Brian Bowell want to know about Brian Bowell’s wife, married and love life.

According to sources, Brian Bovell is not married. Brian Bovell is not yet married and Brian Bovell does not have a wife.

Brian Bovell has never dated or been in any relationship before. Brian Bovell never mentioned his love and married life on any platform.

How old is Brian Bovell?

Brian Bovell was born to his parents in London, England, UK. Brian Bovell’s age is 63 years. Brian Bovell’s birth date is 26 October and his birth year is 1959. Brian Bovell’s nationality is British.

Brian Bovell Movies and TV Shows career

In 1980, Brian Bovell made his acting debut with the “Babylon” series as Scientist. The same year, Brian Bovell appeared in the “Srangers” tv series.

In 1984, Brian Bovell appeared in 8 episodes of “Driving Ambition” tv series as Bill.

In 1986, Brian Bovell acted in the 12 episodes of “Prospects” tv series as Billy.

From 1989 to 2004, Brian Bovell appeared in 57 episodes of “The Bill” tv series.

From 2006 to 2010, Brian Bovell appeared in 130 episodes of “Hollyoaks” tv series as Leo Valentine.

In 2022, Brian Bovell appeared in the “Miss Scarlet & the Duke” tv series.

Brian Bovell also appeared in many television series such as Jamie Johnson, As Dusk Falls, Crime, Andor, Ecstasy, Jerk, The Football Monologues, The Lockdown Hauntings, Foundation, Tom & Jerry, Listen, Shadow and Bone, Dark Corners, Midsomer Murders, Wardens, Architect, Solitary, Flesh and Blood, Doctors, Death in Paradise, The Fighting Irish, Get Santa, Ellipse, Humf, Shoot the Messenger, Casualty, The Bill, In Deep, Love Actually, and many more.

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