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How did Felipe Colares Die? Former UFC fighter Felipe Colares died aged 29

How did Felipe Colares Die? Former UFC fighter Felipe Colares died aged 29

On Monday, UFC fighter Felipe Colares was tragically killed by a bus. On Monday morning, an accident occurred in the Guaratiba neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.

The accident occurred shortly after Colares finished a training session.

Who was Felipe Colares ?

He is a Brazilian MMA fighter. Since 2013, he has fought professionally in the Bantamweight Division.

His greatest fame comes from his participation in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Their mixed martial arts career of Colares began in July 2013.

He had an 8-0 record when he was invited to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In February 2019, he made his UFC debut. He had a mixed record, with two victories and four losses.

Domingo Pilarte and Luke Sanders were defeated. The last time Colares fought in the UFC was in May 2022.

How did Felipe Colares Die? Former UFC fighter Felipe Colares died aged 29

Image Source – MMA News

Felipe Colares Cause Of Death

Colares died in a sad accident on May 1, 2023. A vehicle hit the MMA fighter on May 1, 2023, as he returned from training in Rio de Janeiro. Rodrigo Babi, his coach, reported being rushed to Hospital Rocha Faria in Campo Grande. Unfortunately, he passed away before arriving at the hospital.

One of Colares’ relatives, Selma Cunha, confirmed his death on Facebook. She delivered a devastating message that appeared to establish a deep link between her and UFC athletes. His death stunned the MMA community, and he will be missed.

Felipe Colares Net Worth

Many people have been curious about Felipe Colares’ career earnings and net worth since his death was announced. A UFC athlete’s net worth before death, according to

Opoyi Central was around $5 million. Felipe Colares would have made most of his money in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and other promotions.

Championship. Felipe Colares’ ring bravery was a big topic in January. He may have made money via endorsements, sponsorships, and other activities.

There needs to be more information available concerning his sources of income and revenue. The earnings of an MMA fighter vary greatly depending on their experience, fame, and success. Felipe has yet to make his base wage public.

It is a tragedy for his family and the entire MMA community. His family and friends were wished strength and expressed their condolences. Though he passed away, his memory will live on forever in our hearts.

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