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Delbert Shafer death: Accidental or murderous?

Delbert Shafer death: Accidental or murderous?

Leetonia police officer Delbert Shafer was discovered unresponsive at his Ohio home. The incident took place in January 2018. Delbert Shafer’s son, David Shafer, discovered him unconscious at his house.

Who was Delbert Shafer?

Delbert Shafer was a law enforcement police officer of the Covington Police Department in Kentucky, United States.

What happened to Delbert Shafer’s?

When Shafer was declared dead at the scene, it initially seemed that death was due to natural causes. The lone suspect in the case was Shafer’s son, David Shafer, who was the first to realize that his father wasn’t breathing. 

When the case was determined to be a homicide, suspicion fell on Shafer’s son David, who claimed he called his nurse friend after discovering his father unresponsive; the nurse in question allegedly came over and checked the victim with a stethoscope, leading David to believe that the victim was fine; however, when authorities asked him for the nurse’s friend’s name, David said he couldn’t remember her name.

About Delbert Shafer’s son David 

David didn’t have any good past, as he had been convicted of several burglaries, burglary attempts, receiving stolen property, and theft-related charges. And according to reports, he was on parole in Pennsylvania.

Deborah Williamson, David’s stepmother and the ex-wife of Delbert Shafer, described the suspect as being “manipulative and defiant” even as a young child who had even threatened her in the past.

David’s violent and enraged outbursts were also reported to the authorities by family members.

Delbert Shafer Cause of death 

An autopsy was conducted three days after the incident, and was determined that the cause of death was blunt force injuries to the body, including the limbs, head, and trunk.

Following an investigation, authorities learned that the suspect had taken his deceased father’s complete weapons collection and murdered his dad, who then cleaned up all the pieces of evidence on the scene and left Shafer to die from his wounds rather than calling for assistance.

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