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Who was Rasheem Carter? A Black man was discovered dead after informing his mother that he was being pursued.

Who was Rasheem Carter

After learning of the discovery of a third set of Rasheem Carter’s remains, his family decided to protest on Saturday. The Mississippi Crime Lab informed the family that the remains discovered on February 23 matched Rasheem Carter’s DNA, according to a statement issued by lawyer Ben Crump and Carter’s family. Rasheem’s family is curious as to what transpired. To be able to bury him, they also want the additional remains to be returned to them.

Rasheem Carter


Who was Rasheem Carter?

A Black man from Mississippi named Rasheem Carter vanished in October of last year after alleging local white men were pursuing him. He was discovered dead, having been hacked off at the head. In October 1996, Carter was born. He finished high school in 2015. He also played baseball and football. Later, he continued his education by enrolling in a nearby community college to study cutting and welding. Carter opened a seafood restaurant in Fayette City in 2019 with Cali as its name. The remains of Carter were discovered on November 2, 2022, in a wooded area south of Taylorsville. In a different location from his head, his spinal cord was found. He told his mother, Tiffany Carter, about being pursued by white men.

What do the Officials Say?

Carter visited the Taylorsville Police Department before his disappearance, according to Tommy Cox, chief of the Laurel Police Department. Cox opened the first case for a missing person when the family requested assistance. His family and attorneys have demanded a federal investigation into Carter’s passing. Additionally, the issue is being looked into by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI). The manner and cause of death were unknown, the medical examiner stated in an autopsy report by the Mississippi State Medical Examiner’s Office. The state of the remains at the time of the autopsy made it difficult to pinpoint when the injuries occurred and reports that there were signs of animal activity.

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