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What happened to Bella Fontenelle? A woman from Louisiana has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend’s 6-year-old daughter.

What happened to Bella Fontenelle

Near her Harahan, Louisiana home, Bella Fontenelle’s body was discovered. Bella Fontenelle’s father is Michael Fontenelle. On April 26, 2023, tragedy struck their home when little Bella was found dead. She had gone missing that morning, according to Michael. He was dating Hannah Landon, also known as Bunnak Lim, who is charged with killing Bella. Bella was Michael’s child by a different woman. His seven-year-old daughter, who is unharmed and was not reported missing, is his.

Bella Fontenelle


What happened to Bella Fontenelle?

Jefferson Parish Coroner Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich concluded that Bella was murdered and died from “multiple injuries.”. Although no official cause of death has been disclosed, it is unknown how the alleged murder was carried out. Around the corner from the home she shared with Landon and her father, her body was discovered in a 10-gallon bucket on the front lawn of her biological mother.

Hannah Landon, her father’s girlfriend, was detained for the terrible crime. Her dragging a bucket, allegedly containing Bella’s body, through the suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana, to the address where the young girl’s remains were later discovered is reportedly captured on a chilling video.

The neighbor captured the footage, showing Landon moving the body with a wagon. Landon reportedly entered a police station and was taken to the hospital for a checkup before being discovered there. Police confirmed that she was taken into custody after Bella was found at approximately 8:20 am. They also stated that she would face first-degree murder and obstruction of justice charges. She was placed on suicide watch, so a hearing scheduled for that day was canceled. She might be sentenced to death in Louisiana if found guilty.

What has Bella Fontenelle’s father, Michael Fontenelle, said?

Bella’s father, Michael, has not yet made a public statement regarding the murder. Bella’s parents were “distraught,” the local police reported. Just weeks before Bella’s passing, he published photos of his two daughters on his Facebook page, as can be seen. There are also photos of him grinning with Landon and the family.

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