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Police Give an Update on Missing Winona Woman Madeline Kingsbury

missing winona woman update

The Winona police force held a press conference at 11 a.m. to offer an update on the hunt for a missing Winona woman.

missing winona woman update1


What Happened To Madeline Kingsbury?

The news about Madeline Kingsbury is viral, as she has been missing since 31 March 2023, Friday. Her mother and others are putting total effort into finding her. Many sources claim that she is dead. Is she alive? She was last seen in southeastern Minnesota. She is a mother of two children. Investigators are trying to figure out where she traveled prior. 

Her partner told the police that she was not home when he returned. Rumors are being made about whether she is alive or not. There has been no confirmation bout her yet. When she was last available at her home, she wore all black. Black boots, black pants, black tank. A search is being done about her. Where did she go?


The one-month milestone in the investigation into the disappearance of Madeline Kingsbury, a resident of Winona, is rapidly approaching. In Winona and Filmore Counties, the Winona Police Department and Winona Emergency Manager have new demands for property owners. Investigators seek landowners in these counties to report any historic wells built before 1925, old farmhouses, windmills, or windmill bases. Investigators also request that anybody who finds any sinkholes accessible by automobile note them. Authorities said this information is unavailable in records and could lead to new searches.

Who Was Madeline Sharing Her Two Children With? Who Was Her Partner?

Madeline was residing in Winona, Minnesota. We don’t have more details about her partner and kids. According to some Twitter threads, Madeline is in a relationship with Adam Fravel. Police have not publicly known about her due to the family’s privacy. She did not come to pick up her children from the daycare. Her mother is quite active in finding her daughter. Her mother, Deanna Naber, sent a message on Facebook asking everyone to get to the police station. She used to work at Mayo Clinic. Many steps have been taken to find Madeline. A mass search has taken place. One thousand volunteers have signed up to find Madeline.

Her sister, Megan, has put up a reward of $50,000 for providing information about Kingsbury’s disappearance. A page with the name Finding Madeline Kingsbury has been made. The page has mentioned that they are putting effort into finding Madeline. Also, Madeline’s close ones prefer to avoid the media as they are going through tough times and want to talk less about the topic.

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