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Maywood Shooting Today: One individual was shot after a fight at a funeral service in Maywood.

Maywood Shooting Today

A funeral service was shot at in Maywood on Friday afternoon. The Rock of Ages Baptist Church, located at 1309 Madison St., was the site of a family funeral service, according to Maywood police—a western suburb.

Maywood Shooting


Maywood Shooting Today:

According to the police, a family argument broke out during the funeral. A witness claimed that the family dispute involved who would be permitted entry to the funeral, as CBS 2’s Sara Machi reported. When Maywood police officers arrived, they started attempting to diffuse the argument. According to police, someone pulled a gun while this was happening and shot someone in front of the officers. It was not immediately known how the victim was doing.

The location of the shooting was not made clear by the police. As chaos erupted outside the church and into the street, we heard from one witness caught in the middle. Many children, according to her, were among the people running on the roads. The witness stated that she had attended Rock of Ages Baptist Church since she was nine and had never anticipated seeing anything like this. “I tried to reverse to get out of the way, but there were so many people running and cars trying to come,” the witness said. 

Information about the Suspect:

Two potential suspects were detained right away, according to the police. No charges are pending. The Illinois State Police and the Maywood Police Department are helping with the investigation. Calling Maywood Police Investigations Sgt. is advised if you have any information on the incident.

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