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Jean-Paul Costa, a Former Chairman of the European Court of Rights for Humans, died at 81

Jurist Jean-Paul Costa Passes Away

Jean-Paul Costa, a French jurist and former president of the European Court of Human Rights, died on Thursday at 81, according to the René Cassin Foundation.

Jurist Jean-Paul Costa Passes Away1


What Caused Jean-Paul Costa’s Death?

Professor Jean-Paul Costa, a well-known attorney, died abruptly on April 27, 2023, at 81. The European Public Law Organisation, or EPLO, confirmed the devastating news on Facebook: “With great regret, we announce that the famous jurist Jean-Paul Costa passed away unexpectedly.” Jean-Paul Costa, a long-time EPLO friend and well-known French lawyer, died on Thursday at 81. He was the president of the European Court of Human Rights and a Fondation René Cassin ambassador for the International Institute of Human Rights.

Jean-Paul Costa, What was His Name?

Jean-Paul Costa, a French lawyer, was a practicing attorney. He became leader of the European Court of Human Rights on January 19, 2011, and served until his departure on November 3, 2011. On November 1, 1998, he was appointed to the Court. After winning the election, he was elected for a third time.

Costa attended Lycée Carnot in Tunis, Tunisia, where he was born. His family departed the nation after the country gained independence in 1957. He started schooling at the prestigious Lycée Henri-IV in Paris before enrolling at Sciences Po, the Institute of Political Studies of Paris. From 1964 to 1966, he attended the École Nationale d’Administration at the National Management School.

European Court of Human Rights:

On January 1, he was appointed France’s representative to the newly-established European Court of Human Rights. He was appointed Section President on May 1, 2000, and Vice-President of the Court on November 1, 2001. He was re-elected to this position in 2009. His presidency came to an end on November 3, 2011. 

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