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Is Johnny Garness Dead or Alive? What Happened?

Is Johnny Garness Dead or Alive

After being involved in a terrible accident while participating in testing in Estoril, Johnny Garness, a racer from the United Kingdom who has established a strong reputation in the community, is currently trending on the internet. Concerned citizens have been looking for information about his well-being on the internet since the news of his accident became public. Continue reading this article to learn about Johnny Garness, what happened to him, whether he is alive or dead, and much more!

Johnny Garness


Who is Johnny Garness?

One of the most promising young riders for motorcycle racing in the UK is Johnny Garness, a 14-year-old from the UK. He has quickly established a solid reputation for himself in the racing world. Garness, the reigning British Talent Cup victor, had an outstanding season in 2021. During the championship event, he participated in 18 races and finished first in 12. VisionTrack Racing Academy, owned by Michael Laverty and fielding a Moto3 World Championship team, supports Garness. According to reports, Johnny Garness, 14, was seriously hurt while being tested in Estoril. On the last day of testing at the Portuguese location, he suffered a high side and was tragically hit by a closely trailing competitor. Garness was taken to the hospital for immediate treatment after the accident and was later flown to a hospital in Lisbon. Garness experienced a fractured skull due to this accident, along with brain bleeding.

Is Johnny Garness Dead or Alive?

Indeed, Johnny Garness is still alive. A tragic accident affected the 14-year-old British motorcycle racer. Johnny is currently receiving medical care in a hospital after this accident left him with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. He is being closely watched, and doctors are confident he won’t need surgery. With time, it is anticipated that he will fully recover. We trust that this article provided all the information you required to understand Johnny Garness’s accident.

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