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A Person Shot in Quarrel At Rock of Ages Church, Maywood Shooting

A Person Shot in Quarrel At Rock of Ages Church, Maywood Shooting
Image source- CBS

At a funeral on Friday, Maywood police said that a family argument led to a shooting.

What Caused The Quarrel At The Church?

When a family argument broke out on Friday morning, Rock of Ages Baptist Church on Madison Street, according to police, was where the funeral was being held.

Police were called to the scene to manage the question, and keeping in mind that they were endeavouring to stop the contention when somebody took out a weapon and started shooting.

A Person Shot in Quarrel At Rock of Ages Church, Maywood Shooting

Image source-

According to Maywood police, the victim of the shooting, whose age or gender has not been made public, sustained injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening. At the crime scene, the police took two people into custody for further investigation.

Know More About The Shooting

At a funeral service in Maywood on Friday afternoon, one person was shot. The Rock of Ages Baptist Church, located at 1309 Madison Street in the western suburb, was the location of a family funeral service, according to Maywood police on Friday morning.

According to police, a family argument broke out during the funeral. As CBS 2’s Sara Machi detailed, an observer said there was a family fight had to do with who might be allowed into the burial service. Maywood officers arrived on the scene and began attempting to settle the dispute.

While this was occurring, with the officials not too far off, an individual threatened to use a weapon and shot somebody, police said. The casualty’s condition was not promptly accessible. Police did not specify the exact location of the shooting.

What Did The Witness Say?

One witness, who was caught in the middle of everything as the commotion spread from the church into the street, spoke to us. She claims that people, many of them children, were running through the streets.

The observer said she has gone to Shake of Ages Baptist Church since she was 9 years of age and never expected to see something like this.

The witness also stated that she tried to reverse to get out of the way, but there were so many people running and cars trying to come, and then the person who was shooting, they got in there and drove down this way.

Two individuals of interest were arrested on the spot, police said. No charges have been reported. The investigation is being conducted with assistance from the Illinois State Police.

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