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Who was Yadira Arroyo? What happened with Arroyo on April 16?

Who was Yadira Arroyo? What happened with Arroyo on April 16?

Jose Gonzalez was convicted of life imprisonment for murdering Yadira Arroyo in 2017.

Who was Yadira Arroyo?

A 44-year-old Arroyo was a single mother of five children on March 16, 2017. Arroyo received a plight call from a pregnant woman.

She was an EMT in FDNY (Fire Department of New York). It was its 14th year working with FDNY. 

What happened with Arroyo on April 16?

Arroyo and Williams were on the way to the emergency call from a pregnant woman. A passing vehicle passenger signaled to them that the bumper drove someone.

When Arroyo and Williams pulled into investigating. A PCP and a marijuana-high man tried to steal the ambulance. 

When Arroyo tried to pull him out, Gonzalez drove the car in reverse, crushed her several times, and left her on the street in severe condition. Arroyo waits for six years to get justice.

The case took several to conclude due to incompetent conditions to stand trial. He was finally fit for the trial in September 2022.

Who was Yadira Arroyo? What happened with Arroyo on April 16?

Image Source – New York Daily News

Judgment day for the case

On April 26, Judge sentenced Gonzalez to life imprisonment without parole. The Bronx Supreme Court gave judgment on Wednesday.

He committed his crime for this brutal incident and said he was high on PCP that day. Judge Martin Marcus gave him the possible punishment. Marcus also stated that “it is not possible to overstate this terrible incident. 

As she was held at the door and trying to get you out of the driver’s seat, you just threw them away from the ambulance and crushed her repeatedly.” Gonzalez apologizes to the Arroyo family for his crime. The courtroom revealed that Gonzalez was arrested a couple of times. 

Yadira Arroyo Obituary

Finally, over the years, Arroyo gets justice, and evidence and witnesses confirm the crime. The whole courtroom was full of people who applauded the decision. Arroyo’s family waited so long for justice. Gonzalez was guilty of his crime and apologies to Arroyo’s family.

Rosado, Arroyo’s mother, stated that “there is no place in her heart for him, it belongs to Yadira, her fight is with the god.” 

The Fire Commissioner also stated that she was grateful and praised the decision. Gonzalez will never walk the streets again. Arroyo was extremely caring for their patients stated by Kavanagh.

Oren Barzilay, the president of FDNY, was cheerful about the decision and said that, finally, Arroyo’s family and colleagues could be at peace.

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