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Who was Sol Mejia-Mesa? Vaughan teenager found Dead in Toronto

Who was Sol Mejia-Mesa? Vaughan teenager found Dead in Toronto

The community of Vaughan is reeling after news that one of its teenagers has gone missing without explanation. Anyone who knows where Sol Mejia-Mesa is can help authorities in their search efforts by coming forward.

On social media, residents are raising awareness about her disappearance and expressing concern for her safety.

In this article, we are discussing a teenage girl from VAUGHAN who was found dead in TORONTO.

Who was Sol Mejia-Mesa?

The mystery surrounding what happened to Sol Mejia-Mesa deepened when York Regional Police revealed on April 27th that they’d discovered her lifeless body in Toronto.

The teenage girl went missing back in February without leaving any clues about where she’d gone or who might be responsible for her absence. The investigation into her death continues today.

She was 18 years old and had a height of 5’1 in inches. She had a white cardigan sweater, light-blue dress, gray UGG shoes, dark hair tied back with a hair tie, and brown eyes.

Who was Sol Mejia-Mesa? Vaughan teenager found Dead in Toronto

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Who filed Sol Mejia-Mesa’s missing complaint?

Sol Mejia-Mesa, a missing person, was first reported by York Regional Police on February 9, 2023. The incident occurred one day before her last sighting on February 8 at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station close to Highway. 7 and Millway Avenue.

Despite the appeal for help from the authorities, no information emerged about who filed the missing person report.

What is the York Regional Police’s statement on Sol Mejia-Mesa’s death?

Sol Mejia-Mesa’s lifeless body was recovered in Toronto, according to an announcement by York Regional Police on April 27th, while reassurances came quickly about no criminal activity being involved.

After that, as relayed in their press release, immediately upon discovering this information, The Toronto Police Service informed them what they had found.

York Region authorities had initially made a call to action when they declared Mejia-Mesa missing via official channels way back starting earlier this year, beginning February-9 and later renewing its appeal lately again through an assistive message dated April-12 calling once more for someone with vital info to come forward pertaining simultaneously from both stages.

York Regional Police No. 4 District Criminal Investigations Bureau and Crime Stoppers are seeking the public’s help in Sol Mejia-Mesa’s death investigation. To date, there is no further statement available from York Regional Police on this matter.

Last update on the Investigation of Sol Mejia-Mesa’s Death

According to the last update on Investigation, York Regional Police announced that anyone with the related information is urged to contact them immediately.

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