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The Ending Of ‘The Nurse’ Briefed: Does Pernille Confront Christina About Her Crimes?

The nurse
Source: ABC News

Pernille, a young mother starting a new career at the Nykobing Falster Hospital, is the protagonist of the series. However, as she becomes more familiar with how things work in the hospital, she notices that some of the things that are happening aren’t right, and she suspects one of her coworkers is to blame.

About The Nurse

The series’ title and premise are extremely similar to The Good Nurse, a Netflix feature released last year. Both premises are strangely similar, but it becomes more stranger and worse when you consider that these two stories are based on the same book.. The cast is fantastic, with Bernth and Park delivering some of the strongest performances as opposites in the same industry. The series may become too predictable, as each episode foreshadows some of the most critical developments from the start. Nonetheless, with only four episodes, the show is simple to follow.

Why Does Pernille Begin To Suspect Christina?

Pernille, our primary character, is introduced at the start of the series. She is a single mother who has recently relocated to a new city. She is a nurse, and this is her first position as one. Pernille is both excited and nervous. She wants to do her best in order to secure a spot in the hospital.

The nurse

Source: ABC news

She is doing her best for her child, and she even maintains a nice contact with her previous romantic partner, who is completely out of the picture outside of that. Things are difficult, but Pernille maintains a positive outlook. It’s easy to cheer for her.

Pernille also begins a love involvement with Niels, a hospital doctor. They look well together, and a couple of patients have commented on it. Pernille continues to work the night shift with Christina and sees that there are numerous alarms at this time, most of which are for patients who have cardiac arrests. These incidents usually result in the patients dying, but they do manage to save a few of them. The regularity of the alerts warns Pernille that something is wrong. There shouldn’t be so many of them.

Is Pernille Going To Confront Christina About Her Crimes?

Pernille becomes increasingly suspicious. She observes perfectly healthy patients dying for inexplicable reasons. For example, a patient who has difficulty peeing may suffer a heart attack and die. It doesn’t make sense to her. Pernille takes a break from the night shift and just works during the day. However, she is convinced that something must be done, especially since no one else is aware of what is going on, which perplexes both her and the audience. Pernille decides to act, even if no one believes her.

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