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Sheikh Abdullah Kamel: Prominent Egyptian Reciter Passed Away At The Age Of 38

Sheikh Abdullah Kamel
Source: mirror

We have some extremely sad and unexpected news to share with you today. The famed Quran reciter “Sheikh Abdullah Kamel” has died. This story has gone popular on the internet. On the internet, this story has gotten everyone’s attention. People are heartbroken for him, and word of his death has gone viral on every social media site. His demise came as a complete surprise. Every news channel’s primary headline is on his death. This is extremely upsetting news. People are stunned right now. His family and friends are in disbelief right now.

The Cause of death Of Sheikh Abdullah Kamel

People on the internet are now highly interested in learning more about him, as well as the cause of his death. So, just for you, we conducted extensive research on him and gathered a plethora of information about him. We are going to tell you everything there is to know about him.

Who Was Sheikh Abdullah Kamel?

Sheikh Abdullah Kamel

Source: mirror

Sheikh Abdullah Kamel was a well-known Quran reciter and scholar whose melodic and sincere recitation of the Quran moved everyone. He was a well-known figure. He was an absolute genius. He was the best recitationist in the world. He was widely respected throughout Egypt. He was a well-educated individual. In 2005, he graduated from AI Fayoum University. He also used to host a religiously themed television show on Al Rahma.

We recently learned that he had passed away. His death went viral across all social media platforms. However, some Facebook users claim that this is fake news. However, his friend confirmed his death on Twitter, saying, “He loved all over the Arab World.” We lost a fantastic reader today.” Unfortunately, his cause of death has not yet been revealed. People are paying tribute to him on the internet. People have also expressed their condolences to his family. May his spirit find peace. So everything revolved around Sheikh Abdullah Kamel. We’ve told you everything there is to know about him. Stay tuned to PKB news for more information about him in the near future.


Inna lillahi wa Inna ilayhi rajioon, Allah SWT. Another heartbreaking loss. Sh Abdullah Kamel was one of a kind. And everything happened so quickly. After a month of leadership in Qiyam. May Allah have pity on him and raise him up in the ranks of the Quran.

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