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‘Love & Death’ Episode 1 Recap: Why Does Candy Want To Have An Affair?

‘Love & Death’ Episode 1 Recap
Source: hiptoro

Candy Montgomery is a middle-class housewife who got into difficulties in the 1980s after having an affair with one of her neighbours. The encounter would lead to murder, and Candy became a celebrity as the case gained national attention. Love & Death is one of HBO’s most essential shows this season, and the outstanding cast demonstrates their confidence in it.

Why Is Candy Interested In having An Afair?

The episode begins with Candy, her family, and her friends being introduced. Candy Montgomery may be called the ideal housewife; she has beautiful children, a nice home, and friends, and she is a well-liked part of the community. She is depressed, and she is sick of being depressed. We meet her husband, Pat, and it quickly becomes evident that whatever brought them together in the first place no longer exists.

There is, however, a snag in all of this. Because Allan, Candy, Betty, and pretty much everyone else in the community are members of the Methodist church, there are certain expectations regarding membership and behaviour. The two spouses are members of the Church choir, and at one of the masses, the pastor informs the entire congregation that one of their members, Candy’s friend Jackie, is divorcing her husband. This is unconscionable for these people. Jackie appears to be being avoided.

Love and death

Source: hiptoro

How Do Candy And Allan Begin Their Relationship?

The episode continues, and this time our two major characters appear to collide. Candy and Allan have a fight one night while playing volleyball. When playing the game, it is common, but this was not a common clash. It was unique. In what way? In the sense that Candy sees Allan in a new light for the first time. Allan isn’t particularly gorgeous or athletic, but Candy finds him appealing in ways she can’t explain. Candy is so taken with Allan that she doesn’t keep it a secret and tells her friend Sherry about it.

Candy approaches Allan after practise one day and they go into his car. She claims she has something to talk to him about, and as if it weren’t a huge deal, Candy admits she is drawn to him and suggests they have an affair. Allan initially rejects the offer, but it is clear that he is considering it. Candy is attractive and does not share all of his wife’s flaws. It appears to be a no-brainer. They both declare they love their partners and would never hurt them, so they leave it at that.

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