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Love And Death: What Happened To Candy Montgomery After Her Death?

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Candy Montgomery, a dedicated and unselfish lady, caused a stir in her Dallas neighborhood on Friday, June 13, 1980, when she was arrested for killing her friend Betty Gore with 41 blows with an axe. When Candy was on trial, she claimed she murdered Betty in self-defense. What was incredibly disgusting was Candy’s exoneration when this defense approach was successful in court. In the age of actual crime, it was only a question of time until this bizarre story was serialized for television.

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Hulu initially attempted the task with “Candy,” a five-episode limited series starring Jessica Biel as the title character. HBO Max is now addressing the subject with the true-crime drama “Love & Death,” which will premiere on April 27 and stars Elizabeth Olsen as the central character.

Love and Death: What is Candy Montgomery doing now?

Candy Montgomery’s death was announced. Candace “Candy” Montgomery was accused of murdering Betty Gore, a close friend of hers, on June 13, 1980, in Wylie, Texas. When Betty confronted Montgomery about her extramarital relationship with Allan Gore, she had just left the Gores’ home after stopping by to choose a swimsuit for their kid.

Montgomery reportedly used a three-foot-long axe to stab Gore 41 times during a scuffle. Allan, who was away on business, urged his neighbors to investigate his wife’s location when he could not contact her on the phone.

After weeks of questioning, Gore eventually confessed to the cops about his connection with Candy, explaining to them. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Montgomery was arrested and freed on a $100,000 bail. Four months later, the eight-day trial began, and the defense argued that Montgomery acted in self-defense as Gore approached Candy with the axe he had grabbed from the garage. According to hypnotherapy sessions, Montogmery experienced a “dissociative reaction” during the confrontation, and her rage was caused by childhood trauma. Candy Montgomery was cleared of all murder-related charges on October 29, 1980.

What had Happened to Her?

Candy Montogomery, her husband Pat, and their children left Texas in 1980 to migrate to Georgia because of the trial. Candy reverted to her maiden name, Candace Wheeler, four years after the divorce. According to Newsweek, she ended up working as a mental health counselor. Candy Montgomery is alive and well and most recently worked as a therapist in Georgia. She was born in November 1949. Thus, she is 72 years old.

Jessica Biel allegedly tried to meet Candy in person to prepare for her part, but the actress told Entertainment Weekly, “She was not interested.” When Biel wanted additional information, he went to Robert Udashen, one of Candy’s solicitors in the murder case and a “huge resource of information.” “I wanted to create this lady that you were truly divided about,” Biel said of her depiction of the honest Candy Montgomery.

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