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Investigators Discovered 2-year-old Oaklee Mae: What Happened?

Investigators Discovered 2-year-old Oaklee Mae

The case of Oaklee Mae Snow has received a lot of media attention. Find out specifics about the mother of the missing girl’s arrest and allegations. Two people have been charged regarding the death of 2-year-old Oaklee Snow, an Oklahoma girl who was reported missing in January.

2-year-old Oaklee Mae


Investigators Discovered 2-year-old Oaklee Mae:

The article from KOCO states that in an abandoned building in Morgan County, Indiana, the remains of missing 2-year-old Oaklee Snow were discovered inside a dresser drawer. In January 2022, authorities in Oklahoma reported the disappearance of 2-year-old Oaklee Mae Snow and her younger brother. The young boy was found and returned to his father, but Oaklee was never seen again.

What does the investigation Say?

A cooperative investigation involving numerous state law enforcement agencies led to the discovery. According to The Associated Press, police said on Friday that they had discovered a child’s remains during a search of central Indianapolis. Before her disappearance was reported, Oaklee Snow was last seen in Indianapolis, Indiana. However, her remains were discovered in a vacant Morgan County, Indiana building. Witnesses stated that Oaklee was covered in a blanket and either asleep or unconscious. It is known that Oaklee never made it to the hospital, despite Marshall allegedly telling her that she needed to take her there. Around January 19th, before this incident, Marshall, Oaklee, Coleton, her 7-month-old son, and her ex-boyfriend Roan Waters left their Cromwell, Oklahoma, home.

Madison Marshall, the mother of Oaklee Mae Snow, was detained and charged. About Oaklee Snow’s death and disappearance, her mother, Madison Marshall, and her ex-boyfriend Roan Waters, were accused and detained in the Marion County jail on Friday. Assisting a criminal and two counts of neglect of a dependent resulting in death are among the numerous felonies for which she is currently detained.

Waters has been charged with several crimes, including murder. At the same time, Marshall is accused of several offenses, including two counts of neglecting a dependent that resulted in death and aiding a criminal. By the affidavit, Roan Waters was wanted by Okfuskee County at the time Oaklee vanished on charges of domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor and child abuse.

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