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Ettore Lacchei, what did he do? killing neighbor over a noisy leaf blower

Ettore Lacchei
Source: The Daily Beast

Ettore Lacchei, 79 years old resident of Illinois, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder. He killed William Martys, a 59-year-old neighbor of his. A small fight between Martys and Ettore became bigger, resulting in the killing of the Martys by gun.


Ettore Lacchei

Source: New York Post


From another news source, it was discovered that Lacchei was involved in many other altercations with some other neighbors over time. This tragic incident happened on April 12, 2023.

After the incident, medical services and the fire department reached the shooting place and tried life-saving measures on Marty; after some time, police also arrived at the site.

The autopsy report revealed that the victim passed away due to a headshot. This was a homicide incident, as said Law enforcement officials after their initial investigation. Later police obtained a search warrant to check the house of Ettore Lacchei.

Ettore Lacchei shot to death his neighbor over a leaf blower after a violent altercation: 

At the 40700 block of North Black Oak Avenue in unincorporated Antioch, this incident happened on 12 April. According to some other neighbors, most of the time, Lacchei has an altercation with his next-door neighbor because his neighbor always uses a noisy leaf blower in front of his residence.

On the incident day, the altercation turned higher, and Lacchei shot his neighbor. The victim was taken to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead just after some time of the shot.

Ettore Lacchei


A Twitter user posted about this event :

Ettore Lacchei, 79, angrily approached William Martys, 59, as he cleaned his yard with a leaf blower; the old man took out a gun and shot his neighbor in the head.
“Once again, easy access to firearms has turned a dispute into a deadly crime,” said state’s attorney Eric Rinehart.

In the press release, the statement reads:

“On April 12, 2023, while Martys was utilizing a leaf blower in his yard, he was approached by Lacchei. Lacchei argued with Martys, and during the argument, Lacchei shot Martys in the head.”

In a media interview, Chris Covelli, County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief, said, “We understand from interviewing witnesses that this neighbor had confrontations with many different neighbors that live up and down that street; this wasn’t the first time that he was seen with a firearm.”

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