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Alex Colodner Stabbed 8 Times by a 18-Year Teen

Alex Colodner Stabbed 8 Times by a 18-Year Teen

The bright buzz of sunshine in the normally busy Brooklyn neighborhood quickly grew dark and somber with the discovery of Alex Colodner’s lifeless body.

The young boy lay motionless on Quincy Street near Marcus Garvey Boulevard, multiple puncture wounds covering his once vibrant and healthy torso.

It was an eerie yet powerful reminder of how cruel this world can be when it is enraged by acts of senseless violence.

Who Was Alex Colodner?

The Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn turned into the scene of a homicide case when a teenager was stabbed multiple times in broad daylight on Tuesday afternoon.

At approximately 4 p.m., law enforcement officials received reports about the assault and responded to find the body of Alex Colodner, aged only 17 years old.

The violent attack resulted tragically in him losing his life following several wounds inflicted on his upper body.

Alex Colodner Stabbed 8 Times by a 18-Year Teen

Image Source – New York Daily News

What was the matter?

Following an investigation, it was revealed by the police that Alex Colodner had provoked a physical altercation with a fellow teenager, resulting in his tragic death after being stabbed.

They say that hell hath no fury like a spurned lover, and those words proved all too true in a recent stabbing case in Brooklyn. 

Feeling threatened by the attention of another man toward his girlfriend, Michael Colodner paid an unfortunate visit to the suspect’s dwelling seeking answers.

But what he found there was violence and mayhem as he allegedly came under attack from his rival with deadly consequences.

This incident of bullying turned violent when a bigger teenager started assaulting a smaller boy before being repeatedly stabbed with a knife in retaliation.

Reports indicate that Colodner attacked the other teen without provocation and initially won their fight until his adversary pulled out a weapon and unleashed several highly effective defensive blows.

What are the last words of Alex?

As Alex Colodner lay dying on the ground, his assailant spoke confidently to police officers who had arrived on the scene.

In fact, according to body cam recordings from that night, the 18-year-old claimed he was “winning” just moments before drawing a knife and striking the fatal blow.

The suspect was caught red-handed by authorities, still holding onto his weapon and loitering over Colodner’s lifeless body.

Though he has offered his defense as being motivated purely by self-preservation, the man who stabbed another individual is not automatically free from legal repercussions.

Should they decide to move forward, authorities retain jurisdictional latitude to take the matter up with a higher court, such as a grand jury. 

Alex Colodner’s father was disappointed when the suspected stabber was released without any legal clarity.

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