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Who Was Tabatha Tozzi? Find Out What Happened To Her

Tabatha Tozzi
Tabatha Tozzi; image credit - The Republic Monitor

On Saturday morning, at the age of 26, Tabatha Tozzi passed away. Her mom, Maria Regina Lacerda, started a GoFundMe campaign after her terrible demise to earn money to support the family. Within six hours, more than 300 contributions showed the fundraiser a tonne of support.

Tabatha Tozzi

Tabatha Tozzi; image credit – The Republic Monitor

Fundraiser For Tabatha Tozzi

According to Tabatha Tozzi’s GoFundMe page, she was the family’s primary provider and the leader of the home. Lacerda has had trouble making ends meet since her passing, though. Allegedly covering all costs, Tozzi also supported her grandma in Brazil, who has dementia. Tozzi, according to Lacerda, was their “lifeline.” She continued by requesting financial assistance to cover any expenses that might emerge while she deals with her grief. When she realized she had to put her daughter to rest, she pleaded with others to help her. The goal of the fundraiser is $50,000, and as of this writing, 494 donations have helped raise $34,572 of that total.

Suspect Of Tabatha Tozzi’s Death

The victim’s mother, Regina Lacerda, said that her daughter had been shot by Nathaniel Perez, also known as “Nate,” during an argument. The GoFundMe page claims that Lacerda got a panicked call from her child pleading for assistance. In a panic, she hurried over, but by the moment she arrived, her daughter had already been assassinated. It is the biggest dread a mother could have, according to Lacerda. She continued by saying that her kid was her whole world and that losing her had left her utterly broken. The victim’s boyfriend, Nathaniel Perez of Las Vegas, is currently a suspect in the investigation. Tabatha had been a poet & a digital content producer who frequently posted on Instagram. Lacerda stated that for the last 26 years, she & her daughter had taken care of each other every day. They confided in one another and had an unbreakable friendship.

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