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Is Sheila Keen Warren’s Husband the Mysterious Clown Killer?

Sheila Keen Warren's Husband
Image source- Sun

Sheila Keen Warren’s husband insists that his second wife is falsely accused. He is accused of dressing as a clown and killing his first wife nearly three decades ago.

Know About The Mysterious Killing

Twenty-seven years ago, a clown-clad individual shot and killed Marlene Warren at her Wellington, Florida, home.

Until this fall, there had been no arrests made in the case. On September 27, police in Washington County, Virginia, detained Sheila Keen Warren and said that she was the killer clown, as the suspect in the case is now known. She has been charged with first-degree murder, and the prosecution has stated that they will seek the death penalty. Marlene Warren’s death has been ruled out as Michael Warren’s fault.

Sheila Keen Warren's Husband

Image source- ABC

According to Det., Marlene Warren was with her 22-year-old son Joseph Ahrens and several of his friends at her home in the opulent Aero Club community in Wellington on 26th May of the year 1990.

According to the police, the clown-clad individual shot and killed Marlene Warren when she answered the door. The clown then, according to the police, returned to the vehicle calmly and drove off. Marlene Warren was shot in the face, and her injuries caused her death two days later. Police later found the white car the suspect utilized in a parking garage.

Michael Warren, Marlene Warren’s husband and owner of a rental car company and used car lot, claimed that he was on his way to a Miami racetrack at the time of the shooting.

Marlene’s Investigation Reopened

Michael Warren was eventually indicted in a separate case, which led the cold case unit to reopen the investigation. He was found guilty of racketeering and tampering with the odometer, and he was sentenced to three and a half years in prison before being released in the year 1997.

Before being reopened by authorities in Palm Beach County in the year 2014, the murder of Marlene Warren remained unsolved. According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, witnesses were contacted once more, and more DNA was analyzed on the evidence that had been collected at the time, including orange fibres that could have come from a clown wig.

Brook and Rocky Blevins, neighbours, said they knew the Warrens as a friendly, sociable, and hardworking couple. However, Vicki and John Chittester, the Warrens’ other neighbours, claimed to have had a nasty encounter with Michael Warren once and warned them that he might get angry. Neither couple claimed to be aware of the Warrens’ previous Florida residence.

What the Reporters Stated?

Barbara Marshall, a reporter for the Palm Beach Post, was working on a feature about the case as the 27th anniversary of Marlene Warren’s death approached when she reported that her special research discovered that Michael Warren and Sheila Keen were married and they had been living in Virginia.

Marshall stated that the case was like an urban legend, the fact that it was never solved it just went on and on. She added that her editor said to re-look at the case in May, which was the 27th anniversary of the murder.

Then, in August of this year, Sheriff Fred Newman of Washington County, Virginia, said he received an unexpected call from his counterpart in Palm Beach County, Florida, regarding the notorious “killer clown” murder case. According to Newman, he and his deputies then began investigating Sheila Keen Warren’s whereabouts. On Sept. 27, Sheila Sharp Warren was captured in Abingdon, Virginia, and accused of first-degree murder for the demise of Marlene Warren.

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