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Chase Hebeler and her girlfriend Veronica Greca ended up in a car accident

Chase Hebeler and her girlfriend Veronica Greca ended up in a car accident

The death of Chase Hebeler shocked his family, friends, and the whole Tampa community. We gather to commemorate Chase Hebeler and his girlfriend Veronica’s amazing lives and their influence on our community as we grieve their deaths.

This page further details Chase, his life, and the accident that took his life.

Car Accident with Chase Hebeler

On Sunday, April 23, 2023, a deadly vehicle accident occurred on Interstate 4 in Osceola County, killing Chase Hebeler and Veronica Greca.

The crash, which happened at 2:30 p.m., killed both people in the same automobile. While the origin of the accident is unknown, it has been verified that Chase Hebeler died, albeit the circumstances of his death have not been published at this time.

Chase Hebeler and her girlfriend Veronica Greca ended up in a car accident

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Who knows what happened to Chase Hebeler?

Veronica Greca and her lover, Chase Hebeler, were killed in a car crash on Interstate 4 after abandoning their grip and hitting a lamp post. Both people were pronounced deceased on the spot.

The automobile drove off the road and fell on the shoulder of the outer grass, twisting and collapsing before catching fire.

Following an investigation, the external westward track of Highway 4 and the departure connector to States Route 192 were reopened at 8:10 p.m. Chase, the motorist guy, was from Dunedin, Florida.

There was no other information supplied concerning his death. The couple allegedly perished as a result of their injuries incurred in the crash.

Cause of Death for Chase Hebeler

The driver of a BMW M5 was driving west on Motorway 4 in the middle of the lane when he intended to switch to the outer lane and broke command. The vehicle eventually went off the road and stopped in the grass.

Unfortunately, two people were killed in this unfortunate accident: the male driver and a female passenger. The automobile began to spin due to the collision and hit a pole in the back.

The outer western lane of Route 4 and the turnoff ramp to US Highway 192 had to be evacuated during the inquiry. They returned to visitors at about 8:10 p.m., as stated in the crash report.

The car’s chauffeur was from Dunedin, Florida. His relatives and friends created a Facebook tribute for him.

Chase Hebeler, who was he?

Chase was born in Tampa, Florida, to Kenneth and Ida (Lambert) Hebeler. Chase was a Tampa native known for prowess in water activities such as fishing and diving.

He lived his whole life in this city, which also happened to be where he died.

Ida and Kenneth were given to him by his mother and father. The horrific event that took his life occurred in Tampa as well.

Chase Hebeler’s close companions made a social media tribute in his respect and have gotten countless sympathy comments.

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