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At Age 26, Tabatha Tozzi Passed Away In Las Vegas

tabatha tozzi las vegas death

A lovely soul has left the earth. This past weekend, Las Vegas resident Tabatha Tozzi passed suddenly from wounds she received after a violent shooting. She was the head of her household, caring for her mother and grandmother while putting others before herself.

tabatha tozzi las vegas death1


Tabatha Tozzi, Who Was She?

The personification of generosity and kindness was Tabatha Tozzi. Her grin could light up a room, and she had a heart of gold. She put forth much effort and devoted herself to caring for her family. Those who knew and loved her are left with a vacuum in their hearts due to her terrible death.

How does Tabatha Tozzi Fare?

At the age of 26, Tabatha Tozzi went away on Saturday morning. Her mother, Maria Regina Lacerda, started a GoFundMe page to collect funds for the family to survive after her untimely death. More than 300 donations were made to the charity in just six hours, showing how much it was appreciated.

Tabatha Tozzi was the family’s earner and the leader of the home, according to the information provided on her GoFundMe page. Since Lacerda’s passing, though, she has had trouble making ends meet. Allegedly covering all costs and caring for her dementia-stricken grandmother in Brazil, Tozzi. Lacerda referred to Tozzi as their “lifeline.” She continued by requesting money to “assist with any costs that may arise” while she deals with her grief. She asked for help from others as she struggled with the “very intense realization” that she had to bury her daughter. The goal of the fundraiser is $50,000, and as of this writing, 494 donations have helped raise $34,572. 

Tabatha Tozzi’s Mother Alleges That Her Daughter’s Lover Killed Her:

The victim’s mother, Regina Lacerda, said that Nathaniel Perez, also known as “Nate,” shot her daughter after an argument. According to the GoFundMe page, Lacerda received a “distressed phone” from her young daughter “begging for help.” In a panic, she hurried over, but her daughter had already been fatally shot by the time she arrived. Lacerda described it as the “worst fear any mother could have.” She continued by saying that her kid was her entire world and that losing her had “completely shattered” her. Now a suspect in the case is Nathaniel Perez of Las Vegas, the victim’s boyfriend.

As a poet and a social media content producer, Tabatha frequently posted on Instagram. As she went on to say, Lacerda and her daughter had taken care of one another “every day for the last 26 years.” Their relationship was “like no other,” and they confided in each other entirely.

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