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Who is Olivia Naserian? While singing, a Kitengela woman slaughtered and ate body parts.

Who is Olivia Naserian

Olivia Naserian, 27, stabbed the two-year-old child in Milimani Estate, Kitengela sub-county, and then ate the child’s body. We should see about it exhaustively.

Olivia Naserian


Who is Olivia Naserian?

In Kitengela, Kajiado Area, on Monday night, Olivia Naserian (age 24) is accused of the homicide of her two-year-old girl after she split from the youngster’s dad. Unusually, while the neighbors defenselessly looked from the window, Naserian cut the baby ordinarily while murmuring psalms. The home contained both the mother and the child locked inside. A video circling on the web portrays the lady wounding the youngster over and over while recounting the letter set. As indicated by reports, the 24-year-old’s folks were out of the country when the wrongdoing was finished.

Statement from the Neighbour:

A neighbor who spoke with The Standard said that as Naserian stabbed the child, she said, “You won’t cry again, my baby.” You will constantly be snoozing. My daughter, you are in my heart. They heard her suddenly start smashing kitchen equipment as they rushed to the house to enter. Notwithstanding, the neighbors couldn’t join, so they had to observe vulnerably from the window as the lady cut the youth. They sought assistance from the police after reporting the incident. The neighbor depicted the baby shouting and hollering her mom’s name. ” As we watched, the woman ate the liver of her infant. Before falling asleep, she removed other internal organs like the heart and intestines.

The mother was taken to Kitengela Sub-County Hospital after losing consciousness. In the meantime, the Kitengela sub-county hospital’s mortuary is the scene of an investigation. Outgoing Kitengela OCS David Shani, who confirmed the incident, claims the lady has already been taken into custody. Shani said, “The leftover pieces of her kid are at the Kitengela sub-district emergency clinic funeral home. The DCI is in charge of the case. The tragic incident occurred two days after another fatal stabbing of a man’s fiancée in a well-known city restaurant.

Court Order:

Naserian, 24, and a college student, both 24, testified in court on Tuesday, committed the crime on April 23. For the homicide of Magnificence Njeri, Naserian has been pulled before Boss Judge Jane Kamau. The court has authorized the police to hold Olivia Naserian, charged with the death of her two-year-old child, for ten days while they investigate. Benson Mutia, the head of the Kitengela Directorate of Criminal Examinations (DCI), expressed that the analysts responsible for the case had asked the court for an additional chance to permit them to complete their investigations into the curious homicide.

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