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Steve Zengel, the CEO of Los Caidos Cigars, Died

Steve Zengel death

Steve Zengel, the creator and CEO of Los Caidos Cigars, died away on April 23, 2023.

Steve Zengel death1


What Caused Steve Zengel’s Death?

Steve Zengel, the creator and CEO of Los Caicos Cigars, died suddenly on April 23, 2023, after a short illness.

Who Exactly was Steve Zengel?

Zengel, a well-known name in the premium cigar industry, established Los Caidos Cigars in 2016. The native of New Jersey served as a collegiate basketball coach and lecturer. These professions allowed him to train young people, which he found pretty rewarding.


He later changed occupations to become a financial adviser, emphasizing assisting professional athletes to reach financial stability when their playing days ended. After Hurricane Sandy devastated his city and cigar company, he served as the deputy principal at an upper elementary school in New Jersey for a year and a half because of his Ed.E. in education.

Zengel worked part-time at Emerson’s Cigars after leaving his position as an assistant coach at Hampton University. His desire to work in the cigar industry started to materialize at this point. Zengel and his entire family opened Beach House Cigars in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, after relocating there in March 2012.

Beach House Cigars was damaged by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, only eight months after it debuted. Zengel persisted in his quest to work with cigars. Instead, he reopened Beach House Cigars in Wall, New Jersey, six months later, with the help of Scott Regina, an old coworker and friend. Zengel shut down Beach House Cigars in 2015 at the request of one of his customers and created his brand, Los Caidos.

Los Caidos was founded in the Cigar Emporium in Lyndhurst in February 2016 with the help of Paul Palmer, president of Aganorsa Leaf. Zengel has vowed to contribute $1 from each cigar sold under this brand to police groups to support their efforts. Zengel scaled the brand correctly as Los Caidos expanded over time.

As Los Caidos’ customer base grew, so did Zengel’s charitable efforts. The brand’s goal expanded, and cigar sales began to benefit fallen firefighters and support the police.

Zengel founded Life of a Ride Time, a 501(c)(3) organization that raised funds for the families of dead police and fire officers. Zengel founded this organization after embarking on a 13-day motorcycling tour across the United States to raise awareness for Los Caidos in 2016.

Zengel wanted to generate $1 million for NGOs sponsored by Los Caidos cigars in 2019 by holding 20 cigars and Life of Ride Time events. Zengel hoped that via Los Caidos, companies, and their customers might support law police and firefighters.

¬†Furthermore, he hoped to show the market that building a solid national brand was possible by placing the community’s interests ahead of the bottom line.

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