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How did Matthew Winder Die? Tragic end for a man with face tattoo in Patong jail cell

How did Matthew Winder Die? Tragic end for a man with face tattoo in Patong jail cell

Matthew Winder was an Australian man who was found dead inside the detention room, which was located at Patong Police Station. This incident took place in Phuket, Thailand.

Who was Matthew Winder?

Matthew Winder was just a 31-year-old Australian man found dead in the detention room at Police Station. He loves to engrave tattoos on his body, and he already had made a huge collection of tattoos on his face and whole body.

There is not so much about his personal and professional life which is open on the internet. Also, he was not even a famous public figure.

How did Matthew Winder Die? Tragic end for a man with face tattoo in Patong jail cell

Image source – Daily Telegraph

What happened to Winder?

Matthew went on a five-day trip to one of the tourist destinations, which was located in Phuket. He was one of the tattoo lovers, so his main motto for the trip was to add one more tattoo to his collection.

And this time was going with the face tattoos. His flight was on Tuesday, on which day was flying back to Australia.

After the incident, the police of Phuket confirmed that he was detained last morning for being drunk and belligerent.

He was misbehaving with the police as well. But there are certain conflicts on where he was being arrested. There is one news that says he was arrested at the pub on Bangla Road or at the Patong beach road where he was residing. This information still needs to be cleared.

Police received a report at 5:45 am, which was about him only. The report states that one foreigner was shouting and misbehaving with the visitors at the hotel in the Kathu district while having narcotics and alcohol.

As soon as they got the report, the superintendent and deputy superintendent went to the location as soon as possible to investigate the matter.

Then, he was taken to the Police Station and was transferred into the chambers to calm down, said the police.

Cause of Death

On 24th April, the on-duty officer was left to have his lunch. After having lunch, he came black and saw that Winder was hanging from the iron bars with the help of a cloth, as mentioned by the authorities. 

The authorities also mentioned that he was the only person in the cell when he died. They said that he hanged himself with a rope made from his shorts. 

The police, after this incident, checked the CCTV footage and saw that he was pleading for help from the cell, but after pleading, when no one helped him, he hanged himself with the rope.

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