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Who was the winner of Jeopardy? April 24, 2023, Monday


Jeopardy’s New season is returning with a whole episode on Monday, April 24, 2023, including three new members. The show has two new members, while the third is the returning champion. Emma Hill Kepron is all set to defend her third title against the new members. According to the new format of the Emmy-winning series, the player who scored the most will be moved to the next episode.



Jeopardy’s official account posted about his new episode on social media:

“A returning champion and two challengers test their buzzer skills and their knowledge in a wide range of academic and popular categories.”

This time there are two new contenders, Dillon Hupp, a development director from North Little Rock, Arkansas, and the other one Annee Touseeau, an editor from Alameda, California. While the defending champion Emma, a librarian from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, played against them.

Dillon Hupp: Winner of today’s Jeopardy

Emma Hill Kepron started her winning streak with two games, but unfortunately, he lost the final round. The latest episode has categories like Synonyms & Antonyms, African Geography, American Lit, That’s Animal Sound, and Non-Video Games. 

The former champion did not maintain her past performances. She gave one incorrect response and four correct answers. Dillon Hupp showed excellent skills and gave 15 correct answers in the first round, including Daily Double. He also gave two. Did it not affect the score? 

The scores in the first round were Annee at $1,200, Dillon at $ 7,400, and Emma at $1,800. 

Ken Jennings hosts the second round. In this round, categories included ” Y is the only Vowel, The United Nations, Wherefore Art, Local Boy, Thou, Made Good.”

After the second round, the score was Annee at $3,200, Emma at $14,700, and Dillon at $14,200. 

In the final round, only Dillon gave the correct answer, while another side Annee and Emma both failed to give the right answer. Dillon Hupp won the 24th April’s Jeopardy.

The final result of the 24th April episode:



Annee Tousseau = $1 = $3,200 – $3,199

Dillon Hupp = $21,999 = $14,200 + $ 7,799

Emma Hill Kepron =$7,700 = $14,700 – $7,000

Jeopardy: The famous TV game show 

Jeopardy! is an iconic American television game show entertaining audiences for over 50 years. Created by Merv Griffin, Jeopardy! It aired on NBC in 1964 and has become a beloved cultural institution.

The show has consistently been one of the highest-rated programs on television and has won numerous awards, including 39 Daytime Emmy Awards.

The format of Jeopardy! is simple yet engaging. Three contestants compete to answer trivia questions across a variety of categories.

Each question is presented as an answer, and the contestants must phrase their responses in the form of a question. For example, if the answer is “This musical won 11 Tony Awards in 2016,” the correct question would be “What is Hamilton?”

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