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Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass Died in What Manner? Explanation of the Death Cause

How did Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass die

Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass died earlier today in Houston after a week in the hospital in critical condition. Let us look at how Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass broke and what caused his death.

How did Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass die1


Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass Died in What Manner?

Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass, a prominent munshid, died. He was the offspring of the eminent scholar Shaykh Samir of Damascus, who graduated from medical schools in Syria and the US.

The Risala Foundation is running a fundraising effort, and all funds earned will go directly to the family of Mouaz Al-Nass.

Who was Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass?

Syrian-born Mu’az al-Nass was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He learned Tajweed and Fiqh with his father Dr. Samir al-Nass is a well-known Syriac scholar and mentored by the masters of Inshad and Makamat. He graduated from a Syrian university with a degree in Management Information Systems. An experienced singer and percussionist, Muaz has participated in several musical performances in the United States, United Kingdom, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass Died of:

Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass was known for his pleasant attitude. In light of the current news, many people may be curious about the reason for the death of Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass. Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass was admitted to the hospital last week for a severe condition, per a Facebook post by his buddy Khalid Latif. Unfortunately, He died.

What was the Identity of Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass?

Syrian-born Mouaz Al-Nass was born in Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah. He studied tajweed and fiqh under his father, Dr. Samir Al-Nass, a prominent Syrian scholar, and inshad and maqamat from masters. He received a degree in management information systems from a Syrian university. Mouaz has performed as a competent singer and drummer in the United States, the United Kingdom, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

Shaykh Samir, Mouaz’s father, is a well-known Damascus scholar who received medical degrees in Syria and the United States. He is a genuine traditional scholar dedicated to studying Islamic sciences from prominent personalities in Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. He often conducts educational courses in the United States and England.

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