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Shooting at Rose State College results in the death of a victim, and the suspect is being held, police say

Rose State College
Source: CTV News

One person was killed in a recent shooting event at Rose State College in Oklahoma’s Midwest City on April 24. There are more than 13,000 students at Rose State College in Oklahoma City.

Rose State College

Source: Fox News

Rose College’s official Twitter account posted about this incident:

“We are currently experiencing an active shooter situation on campus. Please shelter in place and follow instructions from law enforcement officials. The shooter is in custody, and police are on scene,” Rose College tweeted.

Sid Porter, Chief of Midwest City Police, said that this event appeared as “domestic-related.” Still, he did not provide any further detail about this incident or the motive of suspects reported by the Associated Press. 

During the talking with CBS News, The Midwest City Police Department said that the police officers were responding to a report of an active shooter at the college. 

After the incident, the college administration said that the campus was in lockdown and requested the community to avoid the area of the Administration Building and south of the Humanities. All classes and other activities were canceled for the rest of the day.

Thirty years old Brandon Morrissette was identified as the suspect by the police after the calm situation, he will be charged with first-degree murder. 

According to the police, at the time of the shooting, Morrissette’s wife and victim were walking out of the building, and Morrissette suddenly confronted them. 

The victim was pronounced dead on the spot and still not identified by the police. Still, there is no more information provided by the police about this tragic incident. 

Rising shooting incidents in the US: 

The United States has recently grappled with a disturbing trend of rising shooting incidents. From schools and workplaces to public spaces and even places of worship, there seems to be no place immune to the violence that has become all too common.

Rose State College

Source: CNN

According to data from the Gun Violence Archive, there were over 600 mass shootings in the US in 2022 alone, resulting in more than 700 deaths and over 2,800 injuries. 

The numbers are staggering, and the impact of these incidents extends far beyond the immediate victims and their families. Communities are left reeling, with a sense of fear and insecurity that lingers long after the initial shock.

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