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Is Videl A Saiyan In ‘Dragon Ball Super’?

Source: friction horizon

The Dragon Ball storyline continued in Dragon Ball Super, which takes place immediately after the events of Dragon Ball Z. Videl, Gohan’s love interest, was introduced during the Buu Saga, of course. It didn’t take long for Gohan and Videl to fall in love, since they married during the events that followed Buu’s defeat. However, many fans are perplexed by Videl’s inclusion in the Super Saiyan God ceremony in Dragon Ball Super. Does this imply that Videl is a Saiyan?

Never A Saiyan

Videl had never been a Saiyan. She was always human because she was born the daughter of Mr. Satan and a human woman. Videl’s training under Gohan, on the other hand, allowed her to grow stronger beyond the average human. She also carried a Saiyan in her womb at some point, which is why she was involved in the rite.

While Videl was an instant hit when she first appeared, she soon took a back seat to the other main characters of Dragon Ball during the events of Super. Nonetheless, she was essential in the ceremony that transformed Goku into a Super Saiyan God in the battle against Beerus in Dragon Ball Super. Let’s take a look at if Videl is a Saiyan.

Videl Is Human


Source: friction horizon

After Gohan and the other Z Fighters’ victory over Cell during the Cell Saga, there was a long time of quiet between the end of the Cell Saga and the beginning of the Buu Saga. Of course, the world blamed Mr. Satan for Cell’s defeat, despite the fact that Gohan was the one who killed the biological robot.

Gohan took on a more active role as a regular adolescent at the commencement of the Cell Saga. When he went to school and tried to live the life of a normal teen guy, he met Videl. Videl assumed Gohan was suspicious since he couldn’t manage his own strength and power at times. As a result, she followed him around until she discovered he was the gold warrior that fought Cell many years before.

Videl Trained By Gohan

In this manner, Gohan and Videl began a relationship, allowing Gohan to train her to be a better and stronger fighter. Videl quickly surpassed her own father, who happened to be none other than Mr. Satan. After Goku and Vegeta vanquished Kid Buu in the final moments of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan and Videl married, becoming members of two powerful families.

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